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Naturalist terms Humans as a Plague for Planet Earth

Looking at how rapidly the climate of the world has been changing these past couple of years and even more when looking at records that go back 20, 50 or even a 100. While not all may agree, but an 86-year-old naturalist David Attenborough certainly things that humans are a “plague on the Earth” according […]

Uncontrolled population growth rate affecting Pakistan

Soon after separation, Bangladesh’s population was around 71 million whereas Pakistan’s population was 62 million at that time. However after 40 years, Pakistan’s population increasing at a precipitous rate has crossed 180 million whereas Bangladesh’s population now is 150 million. This staggering increase is the prime cause for increased social and economical hitches Pakistan is […]

A sudden shift in population worries the economists and industrialists

The world population crossed the 7 Billion mark recently and where the global economist are confronted with a much bigger challenge than they faced a decade ago, there is another dare given by recent surveys. According to several researches conducted in Asia, Europe and the USA, the major concern of the economists will not be […]

Decline in the female population causes the ‘wife sharing’ dilemma in India

Decline in the female population causes the ‘wife sharing’ dilemma in India – International Asia’s third largest growing economy, India, isn’t growing too well as far as humanity and morals are concerned. India is pretty much the only country in the world that has a male population more than it’s female population. Whether it is […]


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