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Research In Motion is in slow motion competing with other players in the smartphone market – Part 4

7. Outsourcing the Blackberry OS One of the major reasons for Android to give a hard time to Blackberry, and iOS for that matter, is the open-source approach by Google. The number of Android-powered smartphones has always been more than iPhones and Blackberrys because Android can be and is adapted by any company from Samsung […]

RIM drops prices on all packages of PlayBook amid rumours of board shakeup

Blackberry makers, Research In Motion (RIM), have slashed the price of the PlayBook, a technology that rivals iPad, to just $299 in the United States. The new slashed price will be the same for all three PlayBook models, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, on the BlackBerry online store. Before the cut in the prices, there were […]

Rumours lifts Research In Motion shares in US Stock Market

Shares of Research In Motion (RIM), the company that makes Blackberry devices, have increased in the US market by almost 10% after news suggesting that Amazon and Nokia have stepped in as the potential suitors. The Canadian firm are facing serious difficulties at the moment due to the accumulation of setbacks with their latest products. It was […]

Research In Motion refused the offer from for a financial ‘help’ – Part 2

Maybe they have some eggs left in the basket but the way HTC and Apple are moving ahead in the mobile communications business and the way Samsung is giving the Americans and Taiwanese a hard time, it is unlikely RIM will be able to retain its customer base, US President being one of them, in […]

Research In Motion refused the offer from for a financial ‘help’ – Part 1

Research In Motion are in financial troubles of late and there is a possible acquisition expected in the near future by some experts. However, RIM itself is conducting business against all odds and is stubborn in solving the problems own its own, which is shocking. The Canadian company’s major-sale product is the Blackberry smartphone, which […]

Research In Motion likely to see lacklustre sales in 2012

Research In Motion (RIM) already announced earlier this year that they will have relatively low sales in the last quarter of 2011. However, according to some analysts at Wall Street, the Canadian company will see a huge slump in sales in the second fiscal quarter, that is January to March. The US is the largest […]

Carrier IQ releases a statement clearing their name from surveillance scandal

Carrier IQ were alleged in reconnaissance activities that caused the infringement of users privacy rules and regulations. However, due to a stream of opprobrium directed at the company, they finally attempted to clear the air and moot all the rumours that were damaging their corporate image. In the recent report published by Carrier IQ, the […]

Microsoft unlikely to buy out Research In Motion (RIM)

Microsoft Corporation has been linked to Research In Motion’s (RIM) purchase of late but according to a research conducted by Nomura software analyst, Rick Sherlund, the acquisition is unlikely to happen. RIM, famous for their smartphone Blackberry, are out for a bid on their stocks enlisted at New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. It was […]

Carrier IQ rootkit is true and can be deactivated with new apps and steps

Trevor Eckhart, a Connecticut systems administrator, disclosed earlier this week that smartphones like Nokia’s Symbian-based handsets and Android OS phones along with Apple’s iPhones have been found with malicious software. According to Eckhart, Carrier IQ is a mobile device intelligence services company that develops namesake software which is used to send their customers, major cell […]

Carrier IQ found engaged in illegal wiretapping activities on smartphones – Part 2

Further explaining their activities, CIQ added: “The information gathered by Carrier IQ is done for the exclusive use of that customer, and Carrier IQ does not sell personal subscriber information to 3rd parties. The information derived from devices is encrypted and secured within our customer’s network or in our audited and customer-approved facilities.” According to Ohm, Carrier IQ’s […]

Carrier IQ found engaged in illegal wiretapping activities on smartphones – Part 1

World renowned rootkit developers, Carrier IQ have been found involved in wiretapping activities in Nokia’s Symbian OS, Google’s Android OS and Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry OS. Connecticut systems administrator Trevor Eckhart revealed on Tuesday that CIQ has been keeping logs of keys punched on these smartphones and deliberately sending them to major carriers like […]

BlackBerry users get worth USD100 apps for free by RIM as compensation

  BlackBerry users get worth USD100 apps for free by RIM as compensation Good news for the BlackBerry users, as they will be enjoying free BlackBerry apps worth USD100 from Wednesday, October 19 until December 31. This package has been offered by the BlackBerry makers, Research in Motion (RIM), as a compensation for the users, […]


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