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Sherlyn Chopra says she is no longer available for paid sex!

Indian model Sherlyn Chopra has made a staggering revelation on her Twitter page. The 21-year-old spilled the beans about her past life to her fans and followers on Twitter. The Playboy model revealed that she used to have paid sex and there are many who physically intimated with her. The starlet, however, declared that she […]

Sunny Leone says sex is an emotional experience for her!

The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone might be all set for her first Bollywood ride with Pooja Bhatt’s much-anticipated upcoming film ‘Jism 2’ but the adult sensation is truly a shy woman at heart. Leone, now 31, recently had an interview with, in which she revealed that despite of being a world-class porn star […]

Poonam Pandey now becomes a sex guru!

India’s wannabe model Poonam Pandey is surely one of a kind. She locked many headlines in the country a few days back by claiming that she has got a lead role in ‘Jism’ director Amit Saxena’s bold film but when the director rubbished all her claims as mere rumours, she is back with a bang […]

Jacqueline Fernandez: Sex should not be forced into the Bollywood movies

The Sri Lankan actress and model, Jacqueline Fernandez, who did a lot of steamy scenes with Emraan Hashmi in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Murder 2’, which was released last year on July 8, 2011, has insisted that she is not going to do anymore sex scenes from now onwards unless or until they are central to the […]

Females should spend more time on the gym according to research

In a pretty unconventional research, it has been concluded that females should spend more time on the gym in order to achieve an orgasm In Bloomington, Indiana, researchers have deduced that rather than eying a hot date, women should actually spend more time on the gym in order to achieve orgasm, often called ‘coregasm’. In […]

Will ‘Jism 2’ break records at the Indian Box Office or not?

Will ‘Jism 2’ break records at the Indian Box Office or not? Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Jism 2’, which is the sequel to the 2003 cult classic film ‘Jism’, is currently one of the most eagerly awaited films in India and the main reason behind is the presence of the Indo-Canadian porn star, Sunny Leone. […]

Longest Celebrity Marriages

Media always gossip about the breakups and celebrities dumping their partners. There are a number of celebrities that are married for forever as one should say. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to find the balance when both the partners in a relationship are famous. It becomes extremely difficult to fit two careers […]

Is there a limit to immorality?

Is there a limit to immorality? A man was found to be guilty of digging down 65 dead bodies from graveyard and was accused of doing sex with them. This is the news that can dismantle any sane personality and force him/her to realize that what is happening in this world? What else Pakistan needs […]

Why Money is Mandatory for Marriage?

Why do we marry? The very simple answer to this question by a common man can be that we do it to in a bid to regulate our sexual and social lives. There is no need to prove this fact with arguments and evidences that how much marriage is necessary in the life of a […]


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