Sunny Leone says sex is an emotional experience for her!

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The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone might be all set for her first Bollywood ride with Pooja Bhatt’s much-anticipated upcoming film ‘Jism 2’ but the adult sensation is truly a shy woman at heart.

Leone, now 31, recently had an interview with, in which she revealed that despite of being a world-class porn star sex is still an emotional experience for her and she loves it doing on camera.

Sunny exclaimed, “Of course! I ‘love’ on camera. When you love what you do, selling your product becomes easy.”

During the interview, the actress was asked about her marriage to porn star-cum-business partner Daniel Weber, according to a leading magazine.

Leone replied by saying that her relationship with Weber is pretty conservative and they don’t have any adult material at home, something which will certainly be a surprise for her fans.

She said, “It may be hard to believe but ours is a conservative relationship. Because my husband and I are the adult industry duo, people imagine it must be like a giant orgy at home but it’s not. We don’t have any adult material at home. You walk in and you’ll never know what we do for a living. Also, I only work with my husband, which makes a huge difference. Because at the end of the day no man or woman would want his spouse to have sex with someone else. That’s human nature. Unless you’re a swinger couple.”

Leone is currently a household name in India but she faced a lot of criticism when she was initially brought in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and she believes the main reason behind was her profession.

The actress insisted that Indians are not ready for legalised porn as of yet and therefore they didn’t like her appearance on a family show.

She said, “There’s a lot more that needs to be revamped before anything like porn can be legalised. I guess it will be done only after you and I have turned really, really old. And I’ll be ‘Yay’!”

Well, all said and done, Leone’s debut film ‘Jism 2’ has created a lot of hype among the audience but let’s see if it really lives up to the expectation.

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