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25 dead and over 250 injured by explosions of gas in Taiwan

gas explosion in Taiwan

At least 25 people, including five firefighters, were killed and 267 injured after a string of explosions in the gas supply system in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, according to Taiwanese emergency services. Strong bursts left shattered streets, uprooted trees and overturned cars. Authorities are investigating the causes of the incident, which occurred around midnight Thursday local […]

Over 40 killed in a plane crash in Taiwan

TransAsia Airways

Over 40 people were killed Wednesday July 23, 2014 in a TransAsia Airways plane crash attempting an emergency landing in the Penghu Islands of Taiwan during a thunderstorm, according to the Chinese agency Xinhua quoted by Reuters. Taiwanese media claim that it was a domestic flight. The authorities in the area, according to France Press, […]

Apple crushes Street targets, dispels iPhone fears

(Reuters) – Apple Inc’s quarterly results beat Wall Street estimates on stronger-than-expected demand for the iPhone, especially in the greater China region where sales jumped five-fold. While iPad sales were a little lighter than expected, the overall results sent the stock up 7 percent, recouping some losses from the past two weeks that had stemmed from concerns about weakening […]

HTC One S: Full Review of the midrange smartphone from the Taiwanese company – Part 1

HTC released its midrange Android-powered smartphone, HTC One S earlier in April. Although the phone is being marketed as a mid-ranged smaller screen smartphone, but there is nothing to it that suggests so. The Taiwanese company has done a marvellous job in bring one of the best Android phones under a $200 price tag. With […]

HTC One S: Full Review of the midrange smartphone from the Taiwanese company – Part 2

Features The phone features top-notch technologies available in the market. From an 8-mega pixel camera on the back to beats audio, HTC has all covered in this stunning phone, despite it falling in the midrange category. Below the screen are three Android Ice Cream Sandwich capacitive buttons for Back, Home, and Recent Applications. The left […]

HTC One S: Full Review of the midrange smartphone from the Taiwanese company – Part 3

There have been a lot of complaints heard about the Sense 3 that it slows the devices down because of hefty and non-productive animations and graphical gismos added. HTC has addressed the issue in this version. The home screen carousel has been removed, which used to slow its hosts down to snail’s pace. However, pro-Sense […]

HTC One S: Full Review of the midrange smartphone from the Taiwanese company – Part 4

The phone possesses a dedicated image processor to take shots quickly and neatly. It is extremely fast on autofocus that locks on the scene in a fraction of a second. The shooting frequency is nearly instantaneous in shot-to-shot speeds. In addition to panorama, face detection, and macro, the One S has a continuous capture mode […]

United Nations and its failures – Part Two

United Nations and its failures – Part Two The wanton use of the veto has undermined the UN system and reduced its Secretary General to a mere puppet, though under the charter the Secretary General must uphold the values and moral authority of the UN, and speak and act for peace, even at the risk […]

HTC see a slump in Android-based smartphones in 2011 fourth quarter

In 2008 HTC emerged as the first technology company to introduce Google, Inc.’s mobile operating system, Android OS. However, the tables have been turned and HTC are no longer the alpha partners with Google. That position has been taken by Samsung. The Korean company joined hands with Google on various fronts. However, of foremost importance […]

A recent study shows that brands affect human behaviour

Brand cautiousness has always been an integral part of human psyche but recent studies show that the brand preferences affect human behaviourism tremendously. A study conducted by National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan suggested that preferring the branded product on generics can uplift one’s confidence and the reciprocal of it affects vice versa. In this […]

A sudden shift in population worries the economists and industrialists

The world population crossed the 7 Billion mark recently and where the global economist are confronted with a much bigger challenge than they faced a decade ago, there is another dare given by recent surveys. According to several researches conducted in Asia, Europe and the USA, the major concern of the economists will not be […]

Global interest in Bollywood

Global interest in Bollywood Global interest in Bollywood has been further increased by the success of films like Shah Rukh Khan’s Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and My Name is Khan and, Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots in markets such as Taiwan, France, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Korea, Germany, Jordan, Poland, Malaysia, China and Belgium. The foreign country […]


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