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Windows Phone 7: The future is in the hands of Nokia and HTC – Part 1

Microsoft Corporation’s mobile operating software, Windows Phone 7, has the potential of going places. It is flamboyant and light weight at the same time. It requires less-expensive hardware, single-core processors at tops and RAM in MBs. Therefore, the overall expense of handset has a medium effect on the wallet at best. However, the market is […]

Windows Phone 7: The future is in the hands of Nokia and HTC – Part 2

The next generation of Windows Phones will be on the drawing board now, and while the end user experience of the current handsets is appreciated, with Android pushing multi-core and big numbers on the spec sheet, the hardware for Windows Phone will need to follow. The argument that it doesn’t matter to the end user […]

The new line of Nokia’s WP7 phones

The collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia is anything but a secret. Nokia has decided to support the new operating system as its way of handling their dwindling market share to phones with rival mobile OS, the Android and iOS. The early result of this is the Nokia Lumia 800. Earlier the Nokai Lumia 800 was […]

Overview of the new Windows 8 (beta)

Overview of the new Windows 8 (beta) Windows 8 is Microsoft’s combined desktop, laptop and tablet operating system, designed to go from 10-inch touch-only tablets to big screens in your living room, from ultra-portable notebooks to massive gaming systems and business desktops. Windows 8 also features gestures to put two apps on screen side by […]


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