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Facebook stock ends three-week upward streak after a report criticizes its value

Facebook shares were down 8.4 percent in the afternoon trading on Monday after one Wall Street newspaper published a critique on the company’s stock. Out of the 40 analysts covering The Social Network at Wall Street, one has the view that its share price is much over rated. The article blatantly compared FB’s stock value […]

CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook’s bright future

Facebook shares went 7.7 percent up late afternoon Wednesday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview to online technology media site, TechCrunch. The visionary was optimistic about the future of the company. The shares hit the first biggest increase in the market value of the stock at $20.93, after the initial public offering in May […]

Amazon says the opt-out option on advertisements will be offered with Kindle Fire release announced on Sunday that it will offer its customers to opt out of receiving special offers advertisements on their new Kindle Fire HD tablets of $15 extra. The company said in the statement reported by Reuters that it will make the opt-out offer upon the commencement of sales in September of its 7-inch Kindle […]

Apple expected to introduce online radio service, sources say

Apple is probing deeper into the music industry with a new online radio service. Though there is no official word on this app or browser-based service, Wall Street Journal has reported that the Cupertino-based company is in talks with officials from record labels for rights to their tracks on the radio. The service is expected […]

Facebook shares down 4.3 percent after BMO releases a dissuading report

Facebook stock continues to plummet. Traded as FB, the share hit an all-time low midday Friday at $18.25, 4.3 percent down from the previous day. The initial public offering was $38 in May this year and so far the price has gone down almost half of the face value, 52 percent to be exact. The […]

Facebook Smartphone: How should it be a success and resolve all of company’s problems? – Part 1

Facebook IPO show is over now and the results are less than satisfactory for the social network. The credit should go to Mark Zuckerberg what he envisioned in the past why he always opposed the notion of going public. The reasons are apparent as many experts around the globe commented that the Facebook IPO will […]

Facebook Smartphone: How should it be a success and resolve all of company’s problems? – Part 2

However, this strategy is not without a pun, operating system or app, Facebook needs to find an appropriate place to present those valuable adverts that will ultimately help in keeping the machine running. What Zuckerberg and his team of technicians, both hardware and software, are ignoring is the fact that users do not like ads […]

Advertisement: The ace in Facebook’s sleeve gets out after IPO – Part 1

There are as many different opinions on Facebook’s initial public offering as there are people in the US stock market. However, the crowd can be segregated into two main parties, conservatives who think that the IPO will be an utter failure and those who think it is better to invest in the social network than […]

Advertisement: The ace in Facebook’s sleeve gets out after IPO – Part 2

Given that advertisement on Facebook is not akin to traditional promotion on television or paper, but the hits marketers get through the social network are big numbers. But that brings us to the next point in discussion. Marketing on Facebook is a new concept to the masses and companies are experimenting on this concept. If […]

Advertisement: The ace in Facebook’s sleeve gets out after IPO – Part 3

One caveat in the way of successful advertisement to the brands and companies is the lack of information provided by Facebook. Due to the tightened rules and regulations from Federal Trade Commission, the social network is bound to restrict marketer’s access to users’ information and cookies that tell a lot about trends. After last year’s […]


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