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Apple rules the corporate world and it happened in a chain reaction – Part 2

Part of the overall BYOD dilemma isn’t necessarily the ever popular security issues surrounding BYOD but rather the problem of how to manage an array of devices that you could encounter. As much as I’d like to believe that Apple devices are the only ones that individuals will buy for themselves, I know that’s not […]

Apple rules the corporate world and it happened in a chain reaction – Part 3

“User management is key to a successful BYOD implementation,” said GroupLogic’s Anders Lofgren, “You have to manage the user in the same way that you do for other network resources.” Lofgren’s words were true food for thought. If you manage the user, you’re doing exactly what you’ve been doing for years. User management, and by […]

Those in the favour of SOPA: Go ‘Yea’ – Part 2

However, the reasons why Go Daddy has made such a dubious statement is that the company has lost its 21,000 domains on a single day, December 23rd. The company bosses do not want to lose their business because of the support for an act that isn’t even up yet and moreover, it is quite in […]

Those in the favour of SOPA: Go ‘Yea’ – Part 1

Go, internet domain name and space providers have indirectly pledged their support to the Stop Online Piracy Act. The company’s CEO Warren Adelman said in statement that the company no longer supports the SOPA as it stands to the date, ‘however’, things might change when this act is reformed in its entirety. “Go Daddy […]


We continue our discourse on Corporate Spamming culture, taking a closer look on the increasing number of spam emails routed to the inboxes of customers. Spam Emails Its not only our phones that are plagued, the email accounts aren’t safe from spammers either. This becomes a double trouble for people that have their emails setup […]


Promotional messages that you get from cellular companies is not the only spamming you are a victim of on daily basis. There are two other forms: SMS Marketing Telecom companies are not the only ones exploiting people’s dependency on cell phones as small businesses have jumped in to show their presence in people’s inboxes too. […]


Our corporations and businesses love spamming. Despite spending millions of bucks on print and electronic ads, the repetition of which makes you wanna bang your head into the nearby wall, these companies do not let even the slightest opportunity go by without marketing even the scrappiest of their products and services.   And guess what, […]


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