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PC sales suffer worst decline in two decades

The PC sales has fallen 14% in the first three months of the year, the biggest drop in two decades, according to the statistics being provided by IDC. However, the figures are much lower than the survey company had initially predicted. On the same day, Gartner – a renowned consultancy firm, published a 11% decrease in […]

Intel sales and profits fall according to the fourth quarter

Intel, the technology giants, saw a subsequent decline in sale of their chips as the sales declined down 3% during the last quarter comparing to the 5% chips they sold in the previous. The company said that the figure will keep on declining over the next quarter and there is little arguing to the statement […]

PC sales drop during last quarter

Worldwide sales of computers totaled 89.8 million units in the fourth quarter, representing a significant drop of 6.4% and their worst ever run in the past five years, as indicated by the consulting IDC. The sales will reportedly fall down deeper than expected, as earlier forecasts pointed to a fall of 4.4% in this market. […]

Dell and reach a deal with Western Express on a cloud-based CRM solution

PC makers Dell have struck a deal with US Trucker company Western Express on cloud-based customer relationship management software deployment in their infrastructure. Dell will develop the system in collaboration with is a renowned brand name in CRM-based applications. The company provides both online and stand-alone software solutions to its clients for better […]

India PC market booming with increase in desktops and laptop demand, says Gartner

India’s personal computer market is moving in almost the opposite direction from the US’ with an increase of almost 17 percent in the second fiscal quarter 2012 from a year-ago quarter. The leaders were Lenovo on the top, followed closely by Acer and Hewlett-Packard. However, the year-ago market leader Dell saw a decrease in the […]

Dell Profit falls on lower sales

The U.S. computer manufacturer Dell recorded a net income of 1,367 million dollars (1,096 million Euros) in the first half of its fiscal year, representing a drop of 26% from the same period last fiscal year. The Dell turnover stood at U.S. $ 28.905 million (23.184 million Euros), 6% below last year’s figure, while its […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 1

The most used device at home these days is either a television or a computer. However, the utility of the personal computer cannot be compared to another device, for instance, a television or a smartphone. Computers, thanks to too many players in the market, range from a variety of platforms to a slew of forms. […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 2

The following article will run a range of different computer devices that are available from $800 to $1500. HP Folio The new trend of ultrabooks is catching up and until you are hardcore computer architect or a professional video editor, you can churn the daily activities from ultrabooks. The 13-inch ultrabook from HP is the […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 3

All of these specs are topped off by a reasonable price. $1199 is not the lowest price tag in the market but for an Apple product, and Air for that matter, it is pretty convincing. Until Apple brings down the new 15-inch MacBook Pro’s price from $219, Air is the mainstream computer for Apple users. […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 4

At last, it has an AMD A-series processor that is no Intel but get the user through the day’s work easily. But it might not be as power efficient as Core i-series processors. Dell XPS One 2710 The all-in-one desktops are a product of sheer electronic engineering, compacting all the CPU gadgetry at the back […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 5

In addition to a Core i5 processor, a standard for ultrabooks, the 14z has a dedicated graphics card from AMD. Though it is a low-end GPU addition, it is still better than the HD4000 that comes with Intel’s own circuits. The only budget feeling comes from its body work. The 14z undoubtedly has a great […]

The best laptops and desktops under a $1500 price tag – Part 6

With an optical drive nestled on one side and a hard drive dwelling under the hood, the Series 7 is a fast machine with a slim chassis but is not an ultrabook. In terms of performance, the Series 7 is a fast device  that can easily replace a desktop for professional work . With a […]


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