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Google and Apple on fast track in capturing consumer market, says report

Google and Apple are giving other smartphone makers a run for their lives by gouging out their market shares. A latest report suggests that Apple is growing faster than even Google in capturing mobile phone market. Google remains second in terms of growth. The report from research firm ComScore says that Google’s Android operating system […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 1

The iPhone 5, released on September 21 is by far the most advanced and practically and physically upgraded iPhone from big arena at Cupertino, California. Apple has certainly done it again in bringing up the most advanced gadgetry equipped with some new and some upgraded elements both in software and hardware. The new iPhone 5 […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 2

Other smartphones beat it on features here and there: if you want a larger screen, go with a Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want better battery life, go with a Droid Razr Maxx. But Apple offers more battery life than most of the handsets out there with the crispest resolution in the market. The screen […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 3

The weight is the most prominent factor in the new phone, right off the bat. It might be the thinnest smartphone out there, as the company claimed for some time but for iPhone users it makes all the difference. However, the light weight is what everyone will remember for a really long time. This is […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 4

It’s odd at first going longer versus also adding width, and it means a shift away from the iPad’s more paperlike 4:3 display ratio. Pages of e-books could feel more stretched. In portrait mode, document text may not seem larger, but you’ll see more of it in a list. In landscape mode, text actually seems […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 5

Apple’s proud of its claims of how light the iPhone 5 is, and the new aluminum back is part of that. So is the move to a Nano-SIM card (making SIM swaps once again impossible and requiring a visit to your carrier’s store). So is the thinner screen and the smaller dock connector. You get […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 6

The new iPhone 5’s display also has a layer removed from the screen, creating a display that acts as its own capacitive surface. I didn’t notice that difference using it; it feels as crisp and fast-responding as before. Apple promises 44 percent extra color saturation on this new display, much like the third-gen iPad’s improved […]

IHS iSuppli pries apart iPhone 5 to list the original cost and suppliers

IHS iSuppli performed surgery on the iPhone 5 to take a look at the components, their estimated prices and the name of suppliers. According to the firm, the new iPhone costs Apple $207 for the whole handset. iSuppli was quick at announcing the details of the cost per component and the vendors who provided the […]

Google shares rise Monday continuing 10-week streak

Google shares were up nearly 2 percent on Monday to $749.38, exceeding the record hike since November 2011. The stock has seen an upward trend for past ten weeks and is still counting. The main reason for the hot streak that Google is running is its intelligent investment in different ventures and a profitable business […]

5 Million unit sales for Apple is promising, previous estimates were unrealistic, say experts

Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone 5, has received mixed reviews from experts at Wall Street. Though the handset is quite an elegant piece of electronics, its new Maps app has been lacklustre and the debut sales did not go as planned. Prior to the release at retail stores, analysts expected iPhone to sell in tune […]

Apple misses initial sales figures over the weekend, down in the stock market

Apple shares were down Monday for the first time in eight days after the company released report on first weekend of iPhone 5 sales. Apple sold 5 Million units of the handset in three days after it broke the ice on Friday at Apple retail stores. The analysts had expected more sales from the smartphone […]

Google Maps expected to arrive as soon as Thursday on App Store for iOS 6

Apple is under yet another attack from its rivals and this time it is archenemy Google. In the midst of the scepticism on the company’s own Maps app, replacement for the Google product, the search giant has submitted Google Maps to Apple for approval. To sell or distribute an app on App Store every developer, […]


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