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Apple launches iPad Mini small tablet

In a bid to dominate the fast-growing tablet market, Apple has unveiled its widely-anticipated 7.9in (20.1cm) tablet, the iPad Mini, a new tablet half the size of its existing iPad. The device, which is 7.2mm (0.3in) thick and weighs 0.68lbs (0.3kg), was announced at an event in California. The entry wi-fi-only model, with 16GB storage, […]

Apple expected to release new iPad Mini at the end of October

A new product from Apple is in news again. However, this time its something that will materialize for the first time. The long rumoured Apple iPad Mini is reported to be in mass production in Asia. One of the suppliers spilled the beans on the new product, as reported by Wall Street Journal. The paper […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 1

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is out for the same prime as the original Kindle Fire. At $199 the new tablet offers a faster processor, updated operating system and denser display with HD resolution. Alongside the launch of the 7 incher, Amazon also introduced the premium versions, 8.9-inch Fires, of the tablets. The 8.9-inch […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 2

The brief hands-on experience by a number of experts suggests that the device was quite satisfying but still there are certain performance quirks that might had been improved. A full-fledged review is only possible at the time of its release to the stores on November 20. Amazon is good at slating release dates on its […]

Amazon integrates Dolby audio product for the first time in a tablet

Tablets have improved substantially in video qualities with HD video support up to 1080p. Cameras have received reinforcements with full HD quality capturing, so has the screen resolution improved with Retina Displays and HD resolutions. What has been ignored is the audio. Dolby took a swing at the audio quality in slates and Amazon Kindle […]

Amazon releases new Kindle Fire tablets at an event in Santa Monica

The moment finally arrived. Amazon took the wraps off its flagship tablet Kindle Fire but this time there is not one Fire that will rekindle the desire for a smaller tablet but there are three versions. The company announced the devices at an event on Thursday held at an old hanger near the municipal airport […]

New Kindle Fire HD: What is new in Amazon’s flagship tablets? – Part 1

After the torrents of rumours the new Kindle Fire tablets are officially out. Though there were no smartphones at the Thursday event, held by Amazon in Santa Monica, as many had rumoured, the new Kindle Fire HD took centre stage. The new Kindles are way much better than the previous version. But with the overall […]

New Kindle Fire HD: What is new in Amazon’s flagship tablets? – Part 2

The new HD versions have also received a makeover in the shape. One of the comments on the 2011 Fire was the bulky design. The new devices are now slimmer and lighter with a bevelled back like the iPad. It skin is plan and smoother, which is less grippy than original Fire. However, the light […]

Amazon inks contract with NBC for expanded video service

Amazon’s received a boost in its share price on Friday after releasing a renewed contract with Comcast’s NBCUniversal. The deal is to expand its video offerings in the Prime Instant Video service. The share price increased almost 2 percent to nearly $246; a tad lower than last year’s all-time high of $246.71. That share price […]

Amazon formally enters Brazil’s local market for e-books and Kindles – Part 1

The largest e-commerce website already operates indirectly in Brazil but the formal entry is more difficult with direct competition from the likes of MercadoLibre, the largest book sellers in the world, were inspired by the great Amazon river and the surrounding forest in Brazil. And Jeff Bezos took the company to dazzling heights were […]

Amazon formally enters Brazil’s local market for e-books and Kindles – Part 2

“Amazon is looking at Brazil as a future growth market,” said S&P Capital IQ analyst Michael Souers. “But the way of doing business in Brazil is different than here. There are complications, delays.” MercadoLibre, whose literal meaning is FreeMarket, has the benefit of being the first entrant in the market. It covers almost 550 million […]

The 7-inch tablet culture: Which one is the best? -Part 1

The new tablet culture though started with a 9.6-inch display, but the intrusion of different players with their own ideas of tablets created more than one markets for the customers to struggle their faculties for the best solution. Mainly the slates are segregated into two divisions; the 10-inch and the 7-inch tablets. The first is […]


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