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Samsung releases Ativ S, the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Samsung revealed its new Windows Phone 8 smartphone, Ativ S, in Berlin at the IFA electronics show 2012. The Korean company took the lead in releasing the first WP8 phone to the public. It will run on the latest iteration of the Windows Phone and a dual-core processor. Even at first glance, the new Ativ […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 1

The US and UK mobile communications markets play a different music than almost the rest of the world. Most of the premium smartphones are offered by cellular carriers with contracts. This brings the prices exponentially low. However, these phones and most of the others are available at full, non-subsidized prices in the rest of the […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 2

The best part is its price. The unlocked version is available at $500. LG Optimus 3D Max Like the Optimus 3D, the new handset from the Korean company is unlocked in all over the world, even in the US. The phone is supposedly an upgrade to the last year’s iteration with passive 3D technology but […]

Nokia to lay of 10,000 employees worldwide

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, is set to lay off 10,000 workers worldwide until the end of 2013, said the company sources on Thursday. Nokia, with a worldwide workforce of 130,000 employees, has announced a broad restructuring plan that seeks to recover the lost profitability in recent months by a sharp cut operating costs […]

The best Windows Phone-based handsets in the market – Part 1

The smartphone industry has changed drastically in the last five years. The contemporary smartphone industry dwells on apps, outlook of the operating system and internet. A better hardware is a plus but as long as it runs the OS smoothly, it’s not a bother to anyone. However, some technology companies want to impress the world […]

The best Windows Phone-based handsets in the market – Part 2

Following are some of the best Windows Phone-based smartphones that are trending in the market. Nokia Lumia 710 Nokia made a comeback to the smartphone industry with the Lumia line of handsets and Lumia 800 (worldwide edition) and 710 were the first to arrive to the market. The latter belongs to a more affordable segment […]

The best Windows Phone-based handsets in the market – Part 3

The outlook is simple but very flamboyant and vivid with a larger 16M colour palette and a WVGA resolution of 800×480 pixels. The rear end holds an 8-mega pixel camera that is capable of capturing 1080p video. Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi come as standard features. In a nutshell, the phone offers a very premium  experience […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 1

In the current era of technology, where everything is getting slimmer and more efficient, the smartphone industry is running a hot streak. Hardware manufacturers like NVIDIA are throwing more and more cores into the processors and phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are making the final product thinner and thinner by the day. However, competition […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 2

At 5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and just hair below 0.5 inches thick it is a good looking piece of technology. At 4.9 ounces, it feels reassuringly heavy for its size. Samsung Focus Flash (2011) Samsung is not only known for Android-powered smartphones but the company also works with Microsoft on their glamorous […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 3

Samsung Exhibit II 4G (2011) Other than the Galaxy line of Android-based smartphones from Samsung have never attracted so much attention but Exhibit is another case altogether. It is affordable and boasts some of the best qualities that a premium phone like Nexus has. The phone comes with Android Gingerbread 2.3 and all its glory […]

Smartphones from 2011 and 2012 with killer displays – Part 1

LED or LCD screens have always been one of the major selling points of the smartphones. Now-a-days the technology has become so advanced that it is hard for human eye to detect pixels in the screen. The more the screen resolution becomes dense, the more complicated the circuit becomes and screen resolution is directly proportional […]

Smartphones from 2011 and 2012 with killer displays – Part 2

The most anticipated advancement is that Apple will build the new screen with the infamous AMOLED technology to give the phone missing oomph that its competitors have been bragging about. Speaking of which. Nokia Lumia 900 The phone was introduced in April 2012 with 4G LTE technology. The Lumia 900 is first smartphone from Nokia […]


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