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HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 4

As with the original Titan, HTC added a few of its own flourishes to the Titan II’s OS. The HTC Hub showcases HTC’s signature clock and weather widget plus featured apps, news, and stock reports, and there are HTC-branded apps like HTC Watch, HTC’s video download and rental service, HTC’s Photo Enhancer, Locations, Notes, and […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 5

Integration with popular social media platforms on the Titan II is just as tight as ever. The phone supports Windows Live, Google Mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and also aggregates them into one convenient People Hub. Contacts and calendar details are seamlessly carried over from these services. I especially like the way the Pictures function […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 6

The handset certainly offers a wealth of features and settings such as smile capture, face detection, manual ISO, burst mode, and panorama, plus a heap of special scene modes. The snapper is quick as well. It takes less than a second to recognize a face and just much time to take back-to-back shots. On the […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 7

However, in the daylight the Titan II’s camera packs a powerful punch against all its competitors, be it from Apple or Google. The camera takes detailed pictures in the sunlight without overdoing the brightness. The focus on smaller aspects and far away objects is precise. It takes no time to take them in details. Though […]

Nokia and Microsoft eye Lumia 900’s success in the US LTE market – Part 1

The smartphone industry is hyperactive and new entrants need real prudence to cut their way into the market. However, Nokia has the financial backing to make their way into the segment that has seen metamorphic changes in the last four to five years, since the release of first iPhone from Apple. The Finnish company launched […]

Nokia and Microsoft eye Lumia 900’s success in the US LTE market – Part 2

AT&T has joined hands with Nokia on the release of Lumia 900 on their 4G network. Although AT&T is one of the major players in 4G networks but the bigger slice goes to Verizon, pioneer of the service. Nokia has to step up fast to embrace Verizon network quickly before Apple plunges into the picture […]

Review on the HTC Titan

The HTC Titan certainly lives up to its name, with the mighty phone packing a whopping 4.7-inch Super LCD screen – yet it oddly doesn’t feel too big in the hand, and decent contrast ratios make it a winner when it comes to movies as well. I especially like the clarity on offer, with the […]

HTC Titan: The new Windows Phone sensation

High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) released its newest Windows Phone-based smartphone, the HTC Titan on October 15th. The new handset is the high-end denomination of the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. HTC Radar is the low-end, cheaper smartphone that houses the same Mango version but with lower specifications. Titan is powered by a 1.5 GHz […]

Apple’s IOS vs. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, overview of basic features and usability

Apple’s IOS vs. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, overview of basic features and usability The tech world has been going crazy for the last month or so, over new product launches and software updates to IOS and Windows phone 7. The question is how well does the Windows phone 7 stand up to the leader in […]


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