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Motorola loses another patent lawsuit

Microsoft did not infringe patents owned by Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility when they made Xbox, according to the International Trade Commission ITC. Failure to sign will end the uncertainty hanging over the consoles in July. Microsoft had accused Motorola Mobility of infringing five patents when the suit was filed in 2010. Though four of them have been dismissed, it is […]

Google planning to shut down Motorola Spain

Google has decided to close the subsidiary of Motorola in Spain until the end of this year after seeing a decreasing hike in Spanish economy and the unfavourable prospects for domestic consumption, which will affect the mobile device market, according to reports. The search engine company, which acquired Motorola last May as part of its […]

Apple wins against Motorola in Germany, might force Razrs and the likes off the shelves soon

Apple is running a hot streak of wins of late. After the success in the US district court in California, the company released iPhone 5 that is considered to be the most successful Apple phone ever. Now within the same week Apple has won another patent case against Motorola on the bounce-back copy rights in […]

Apple wins the verdict to ban Motorola in Germany

A Munich court on Thursday ruled that Motorola, a company owned by technology giant Google, had violated an Apple patent and ordered the recall of all tablets and Smartphones of this brand. Judge Peter Guntz said Motorola had given the ruling in favour of Apple after stamping on the fact that Motorola copied their patents, allowing them to enjoy another […]

Apple needs more than iPhone 5 to beat Android, reports say

Since 2008, a year after the release of the original handset, iPhone has become Apple’s biggest and most important product. The company released the sixth generation model, iPhone 5 this Wednesday in a media event in San Francisco. However, analyst-opinion on the matter is mixed. Two recent reports from research firms NPD DisplaySearch and Ovum […]

Major tech companies expected to launch mobile devices in September

September and October will be the busiest schedule for both technology companies and press. Major players like Apple, Google, Motorola, Microsoft and Amazon are expected to showcase their products to the public. Samsung, recently humbled by Apple in a legal court case over patent infringements, took the leap ahead of its rivals. The Korean company […]

OEMs likely to seek asylum at Microsoft as Android future falls in the mist

Apple’s win over Samsung is touted by many to be an indirect attack on a much bigger fish, Google. The patent infringements were mostly related to the software such as bounce-back list navigation feature. But some gurus say that battle with Google is very unlikely due to a number of players involved. Apple won approximately […]

Google announces layoff

Google plans to lay off about 4,000 employees at Motorola, 20% of the workforce of its mobile phone subsidiary acquired last year, according to sources familiar with the measure. Two thirds of the adjustment will be made ??outside the United States. Google will also close a third of the company premises. Motorola, which reported on Sunday to […]

Google says it has China’s approval for Motorola deal

(Reuters) – Google said on Saturday that Chinese authorities have approved its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings, the last regulatory hurdle to a deal that would allow the world’s No. 1 Internet search engine to develop its own line of smart phones. Google, which will be the newest entrant to the handset market, […]

Best Android smartphones on 4G LTE wireless network – Part 1

The contemporary world thrives on value-added services and one of the major services that is trending these days is 4G LTE, wireless broadband internet. There are many companies around the globe who are offering their latest 4G network to their subscribers and the market is becoming ultra competitive. This 4G service competition quadruples in the […]

Best Android smartphones on 4G LTE wireless network – Part 2

The most attractive feature of the phone is its design. There was a seven-year break in the Razr line, but Motorola came out with the new Razr smartphone with a bang. The handset is 5.15 inches tall, 2.71 inches wide and a whopping 0.38 inches deep, becoming one of the thinnest smartphones in the market—network […]

Motorola CEO pay package rose to $47 million in 2011

(Reuters) – Sanjay Jha, the chief executive to Motorola Mobility, was awarded a total compensation package of about $47 million in 2011, almost four times his 2010 pay, according to a regulatory filing.   The cellphone maker, which agreed to be bought by Google Inc for $12.5 billion, said on Friday that the rise was […]


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