Apple wins against Motorola in Germany, might force Razrs and the likes off the shelves soon

Monday, September 17th, 2012 5:12:29 by

Apple is running a hot streak of wins of late. After the success in the US district court in California, the company released iPhone 5 that is considered to be the most successful Apple phone ever. Now within the same week Apple has won another patent case against Motorola on the bounce-back copy rights in Germany.

The now-Google-owned Motorola Mobility is responsible for the making of exquisite Droid Razr series of smartphones that run on Google’s mobile operating system Android. However, both Android and Motorola custom-made user interface have infringed on certain Apple patents.

The Munich I Regional Court has ruled out that Motorola violated on “list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display” that was originally designed and registered by Apple.

Google is taking the patents cases seriously and is fighting Apple on the matter in several courts. However, until now they have mostly hit the rocks on these infringements.

Analyst Florian Mueller said that the latest ruling will inflict losses on Motorola but not on a larger and effective scale. The solution is a matter of a software update and the company will likely release it in the coming days before Apple forces the handsets off the shelves in Germany.

“Motorola doesn’t have to look far for a workaround: stock Android (the version of Android that Google makes available for download) comes with a glow effect instead of the overscroll bounce. Samsung’s current devices also have a blue glow,” said Mueller. “But the glow does not solve the problem that the rubber-banding patent solves: by the time a user notices the glow, he or she has already instinctively pressed harder because of the impression that the device is not responding. This injunction spells further degradation of the Android user experience.”

The ubiquitous nature of Android has had many concerned over the past one month. The decisions taken against Samsung and now Motorola are actually nips on Google’s heels.

“Android has far bigger patent infringement problems than any piece of computer software has ever had in the history of the industry, and this has many of Google’s hardware partners profoundly concerned,” Mueller said.

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