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Apple snatches back the music player market with the new generation of iPod family

Apple is claiming back the music player market, or what is left of it. The September 12 Apple event was not only host to the launch of new iPhone 5 but also a revamped line of iPod devices. The company introduced the next generations of iPod Touch and iPod Nano, though iPod Shuffle was there […]

Apple’s iPod Nano becomes a new sensation, a different use of the MP3 player altogether

Apple, Inc.’s iPod Nano might have been on its death bed but some latest tweaks have instilled a new life to this near-to-be-discarded device. Apple fanatics have always been fiddling with several of its products like iPad custom-made dock with a keyboard, to turn it into a slate-laptop hybrid. However, the latest accessory in market […]


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