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Nintendo Wii U GamePad: What is its real use? – Part 1

Nintendo officially launched the Wii U game console and tablet peripheral Wii U GamePad at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday. The company company’s ambiguous orientation skills still loomed the presentation as it was still in the dark when will the new device it be launched and what will it […]

Nintendo Wii U GamePad: What is its real use? – Part 2

At first look the GamePad does not feel any more than a standard controller with an LCD. For most of the games playable on a Nintendo, the tablet is not more than a controller. However, this initial notion wards off as soon as the Nintendo-specific games like Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendoland come forth. […]

Nintendo officially releases Wii U GamePad on E3 2nd Day

Nintendo Co. Ltd. released Wii U GamePad on Wednesday, June 6 at the E3 seminar in Los Angeles. The new device will work as a tablet to the Wii U, which is the stand alone console. Though the new device is an upgrade to the portable consoles with likes of Nintendo 3DS, there are certain […]

Nintendo unleashes Wii U GamePad: A new beast in portable gaming that is more than portable

Nintendo Co. Ltd. literally launched its new portable gaming console called Wii U GamePad in an online streaming presentation before the E3 Expo starts on June 5. The whole presentation was conducted by the company’s president, Satoru Iwata. The presentation started by commendation to the word ‘Unique’ written in Japanese as founding stone on the […]

Gaming World: What Apple has in store to capture its new target? – Part 1

Apple has never been at the centre-stage of any expos. It organizes its own conferences and shows like Worldwide Developers’ Conference, WWDC. However, despite their lack of presence at events like Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC) it has always been there virtually. Every vendor, every developer is always coping with the […]

Gaming World: What Apple has in store to capture its new target? – Part 2

Even though Apple never focused fully on gaming consoles, both stand-alone and portable, their influence has been observed. iPhone and iPad have become what technology experts call go-to-destination gaming devices, good for casual users to kill time while travelling. Previously, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable were considered the kings of such category. The ease of […]

Gaming World: What Apple has in store to capture its new target? – Part 3

The biggest hurdle in the success road of these companies the pool of games like Skyrim, Arkham City, Zelda Skyward Sword, BioShock Infinite. Angry Birds is Pacman and Fruit Ninja is Super Mario of the current age. None of these gaming consoles have made a game this trendy after the reign of Super Maria faded. […]

No plans for Nintendo to reveal price of Wii U at 2012 E3

Nintendo is not planning to reveal the price of its latest gaming console Wii U at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles from June 5 – 7. It was being speculated that the company would be revealing a lot of details about its next generation console […]

Leaked trailer of Rayman Legends reveal details of Nintendo’s Wii U

Despite all the efforts to keep the details of Wii U hidden, a leaked trailer of Rayman Legends has revealed few of the console’s features. The general public and Nintendo’s competitors have finally gotten a look at Wii U’s functionality, graphics, the touch control and near-field communication capabilities. Nintendo was presumably looking to keep the […]

Gaming devices: Which one is the better choice? – Part 1

Gaming has reached a whole another level since the advent of contemporary tablets and smartphones. Even the prodigy in portable gaming, the PlayStation had to change its lines to adjust to the growing culture of touch-screen interaction. Sony Corporation recently announced its PlayStation Vita for those who want both key/joystick to play their games and […]

Gaming devices: Which one is the better choice? – Part 2

PlayStation Vita The PS Vita not only brings the best experience of gaming at the hands of the users but with a number of other features it becomes a universal device. Applications like emails, web browsing and social networking are just the examples to quote. Sure, it stumbled right out of the gate, but Nintendo’s […]

Reverred game developer Miyamoto steps down from his position at Nintendo

Legendary Miyamoto will leave his position as head developer at Nintendo but will continue at the console giant’s headquarters. However, no longer will he be leading development of Nintendo games at the organization. From now on, Miyamoto will focus on personal projects in the company. Shigeru Miyamoto is creator of one of the best titles […]


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