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RIM quarterly report shows optimism, investors savvy with the performance until BB10 launch

Research in Motion was up in the stock market on Wednesday afternoon after it released the second quarter report. The second fiscal term, ended September 1, showed optimistic view of the company compared to year-earlier quarter. Although the company announced a loss in EPS of 27 cents a pop, it was better than the 40-cent […]

Microsoft plans to employ another thousand people in China to cope rapid growth

Microsoft is expanding its human resource pool by a thousand more employees in China to increase the product services it offers in the region. Due to the briskly expanding consumer market in China, the Seattle-based company has decided to increase the workforce in research and development, and customer services. China is the fastest growing mobile […]

Hack group AntiSec publishes a million Apple IDs online

The group hacked over 12 Million such IDs from a database on an FBI agent’s laptop computer in March this year Computer hacking is slowly getting its footing in Macintosh environment of late. In the few months a number of incidences have raised security concerns over Apple’s security measures. In a recent event, AntiSec, an […]

Sony launches new Xperia Tablet S slated for release on September 7 – Part 1

Sony introduced its new Xperia Tablet S last week which is an upgraded version of the Tablet S released last year. Although the design has been changed, it still runs on Android, but now Ice Cream Sandwich. In the midst of launches of a number of Windows 8- or Windows RT-based tablets and hybrid computers, […]

Sony launches new Xperia Tablet S slated for release on September 7 – Part 2

The new device has a lot of new features and upgrades than a mere design and the company has been marketing the TV services on a larger scale than other features. The new device brings in the latest version of television and remote control app. There is an Infra Red blaster built-in to make use […]

Where do iPhone and iOS fit in after half a decade of operations? – Part 1

Apple astonished the masses in 2007 with the release of its first smartphone called the iPhone. The name was in alignment with its previous flagship computing products iPod and iMac. However, the device was quite different from other. The iPhone not only changed the smartphone culture as we knew it but also restated mobile communications […]

Where do iPhone and iOS fit in after half a decade of operations? – Part 2

Apps, the word that had no meaning before the iPhone, is now the most used word for applications. The original iPhone affected a mesmerizing sensation in the masses and even the casual phone user got to get their hands on smartphone technology. Before the advent of iPhone the likes of BlackBerry, Windows phones and Palmtops […]

Where do iPhone and iOS fit in after half a decade of operations? – Part 3

The home button received updates to multi-tasking/recent apps, go-to-home-screen and search functionalities. The screen embraced Retina Display with an unprecedented pixel density of 330 ppi. The pictures were sharper and text was paper-like. The operating system introduced multi-tasking to mobile devices for the first time. The user could free up internal memory by closing various […]

Google/Asus Nexus 7 (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Google released its own tablet last week, the Nexus 7, in collaboration with its hardware partners AsusTek. Though the Taiwanese company has released its own Android tablets equipped with the latest gadgetry, the new Nexus 7 is a unique blend of hardware hype and inexpensive price tag. At $199 for the 7-inch tablet, Google took […]

Google/Asus Nexus 7 (2012): Full Review – Part 2

Design The new Nexus 7 does not incorporate a unique design. It is yet another black tablet in the market already waterlogged with black devices. However, its simple slab-like design and silver trimming alludes the public that it is slimmer than most of the tablet devices in the market. At first look, the tablet looks […]

Google/Asus Nexus 7 (2012): Full Review – Part 3

As mentioned above, the middle of the top bezel has a 1.2-mega pixel camera. However, that is about it, the Nexus 7 does not have any primary or second camera. In fact, the only thing at rear end is the two-inch speaker slit at the bottom of textured casing. The rear-facing camera is not the […]

Google/Asus Nexus 7 (2012): Full Review – Part 4

The problem though is that there is not much content available on Android platforms that make use of the Tegra 3 features. Only Rapitide GP is able to offer a smooth and high-frame-rate results couple with the on-screen splash effects. The likes of Infinity Blade and other graphic-intensive games could be good additions to Android […]


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