Google/Asus Nexus 7 (2012): Full Review – Part 4

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The problem though is that there is not much content available on Android platforms that make use of the Tegra 3 features. Only Rapitide GP is able to offer a smooth and high-frame-rate results couple with the on-screen splash effects. The likes of Infinity Blade and other graphic-intensive games could be good additions to Android 4.1 and Tegra 3 tablets. Even Rapitide GP is more fun to play on the iPad sans the splash effects.

The processor is assisted by 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, which has been tuned down from DDR3, very intelligently. WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are standard in Google devices. However, the inclusion of Bluetooth is an improvement over Kindle Fire among other things that should have been included in the Amazon product.

The Nexus 7 comes in to denominations, 8 GB model priced at $199 and 16 GB model for $250.


Shortly after the launch of Nexus 7, Google announced the latest version of Android. Though the new release is not an entirely new operating system, rather a decimal upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1, it has a number of new features that lean down the learning curve that Ice Cream Sandwich posed. The new incarnation is called Jelly Bean.

The Google operating system comes with all its goodies. It has the same level of customization but is smoother than Honeycomb on tablets. The only drawback in operating system is lack of landscape mode in for home screen. Google has made a strong statement with the tablet impression in the portrait mode but sometimes that limitation becomes a little frustrating and claustrophobic.

There are a number of new features in Jelly Bean. The tray at the bottom of the screen has Google’s own features like Google Play, Books, Music and Movies. Swiping from home button at the centre, or across tray launches Google Now, the company’s personalized helper. Google Now helps the user in weather reports, local bus schedules, and nearby restaurants. However, pun here is that there is no 3G or 4G support in device; therefore the user will have to make do with the availability of a WiFi hotspot.

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