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Amazon options movie rights to SEED author Ania Ahlborn

Amazon has offered option of movie rights to Ania Ahlborn, the author of horror/suspense ‘SEED’. Amazon is making headway in bringing up its original content in its ecosystem through its division Amazon Studios. Since the launch of Kindle Fire devices last year, the company has been targeted by experts for the lack of original content. […]

HP sees enterprise sector as the target market for upcoming Windows 8 tablets

Hewlett-Packard has been in the PC business for as long as one can remember but the wave of tablets has hampered its profitability in the industry. Its recent efforts of a turnaround have not panned out and now the company is attempting to have a take at the tablet market, again. HP is one of […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 1

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is out for the same prime as the original Kindle Fire. At $199 the new tablet offers a faster processor, updated operating system and denser display with HD resolution. Alongside the launch of the 7 incher, Amazon also introduced the premium versions, 8.9-inch Fires, of the tablets. The 8.9-inch […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 2

The brief hands-on experience by a number of experts suggests that the device was quite satisfying but still there are certain performance quirks that might had been improved. A full-fledged review is only possible at the time of its release to the stores on November 20. Amazon is good at slating release dates on its […]

ARM stock falls 9 percent after German bank cuts its ratings due to possible price cuts on chips

Processor technology licensing company, ARM Holdings saw a drop in its stock by 9 percent in afternoon trading on Tuesday. The shares took a dip after Deutsche Bank cut its rating on the stock due to probable price fall in the coming months. Deutsche Bank analyst Kai Korschelt said in a statement that the coming […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1

Hewlett-Packard launched the all-new laptop-tablet hybrid called HP Envy x2, however, the company is refraining to call it a tablet. Rather, the term used by the company for the device at the event in San Francisco was ‘Hybrid PC’. The new HP Envy x2 takes the brand name from HP’s line of exclusive and premium […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 2

As for specifications, the Envy x2 runs on an Intel X86 processor, though details on what version are still unknown. A full-version Windows 8 is pre-installed with all its goodies. However, the demo piece had more free- and bloat-ware in it, which would eventually be shaved off at the launch. The device has a docking […]

Samsung shows of its first Windows 8 hybrid tablet PCs, Series 5 and Series 7 Slates – Part 1

Samsung has hoarded the market with tablets and hybrids. The latest devices launched by the company are Series 5 and 7 Slates that predominantly hybrid computers. The company launched Ativ tablet at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany but that is not to be confused with the Slates that are hybrids not stand alone tablet […]

Samsung shows of its first Windows 8 hybrid tablet PCs, Series 5 and Series 7 Slates – Part 2

The same bundle of ports, USB, HDMI and connectivity options as Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet port with an adaptor are also available in the Series 7. With all this circuitry, the elder brother with more than Series 5 at 1.89 pounds when attached to the base. The depth is 0.5-inch. Due to the dual nature […]

Toshiba releases new tablet/laptop hybrid Satellite 925t

Toshiba launched the all-new Satellite U925t in an event last week. The device is of utmost importance from a number of aspects. For one it is the first Windows 8 device launched by the Japanese PC-makers and it has a different shape from the contemporary line of tablets. Microsoft has been marketing and advertising its […]

Kindle tablets have 22 percent of the market share, Amazon says comes up with yet another good news. In a statement issued on Thursday, the company said that it has grabbed almost 22 percent of the US tablet market. Although the company also stated that the tablet is currently out of stock, preceding news was good enough to overshadow it. However, they did not mention […]

Amazon Prime membership increases in profitability, says the company’s biggest weapon is not the huge stock available online, nor is its Kindle device. It is the company’s Amazon Prime membership that spruce up its ecosystem. The company said Monday in a statement that its Prime Free Two-Day shipping is churning more profits than older Free Super Saver Shipping program. Though the company did […]


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