HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 3:32:10 by

Hewlett-Packard launched the all-new laptop-tablet hybrid called HP Envy x2, however, the company is refraining to call it a tablet. Rather, the term used by the company for the device at the event in San Francisco was ‘Hybrid PC’.

The new HP Envy x2 takes the brand name from HP’s line of exclusive and premium line of laptops and ultrabooks. However, this new device is nothing like what it has offered so far. HP has been one of the early adopters of the tablet PCs since the late 90s but its products like the TouchPad were monumental failures.

The new device takes its design cues from the infamous tablet line ‘Transformer’ by Asus. The tablet, or the display, is detachable from the dock that comprises of a keyboard and a track-pad. The main circuitry in inside the display part of the ‘Hybrid PC’, and the dock contains ports and an extra battery.

The x2 is one high-quality device from HP with a premium build quality and attention to the details. The hinge to attach the device to the dock is designed with utmost attention and was the company’s high priority while designing the device. This is Envy for customers, the brand name that has always been the company’s premium product since its launch, it has always received the best quality in terms of material and circuitry.

The new device comes in the wake of a slew of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices being launch this month. There have been hybrid PCs from HP in the past but because of technological limitations and design quirks, they never were received attentively in the market.

The Touch Pad for instance was limited in touch interaction because of the operating system limitations. Windows Vista, XP and older version were never designed keeping touch screen modules in mind. However, the new W8 was developed from scratch keeping the contemporary tablet culture in mind. Therefore, the new Envy x2 should receive some attention, if not thorough. However, my personal view after looking at the device is that it is probably a great device. The only limitation would be the price, that the company yet to unveil.

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1 Comment for “HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1”

  1. hiptech

    The only limitation isn’t just price, but also power. HP is going for buyers who want the same functions found on Asus Transformer series, but also need Windows. However what you failed to delve into, much like everyone else including Engadget, is the CPU and GPU inside that determines the usability of any Windows PC.

    So far we’ve been told that the x2 sports a newer Atom called Z2580, that’s been speculated to perform very close to the Core i-series CPUs. The equivalent power of Core i3 would make it a very usable set without question. However, we are also told that this codenamed Clover Trail processor will be paired (impaired?) with PowerVR SGX 544MP2.

    PowerVR has always been a player on hand sets and Android/Apple tablets, never on laptops. Can we expect incompatibility issues? Very much so. Is it going to run Crisis? I doubt it. Can it even play games? Who knows? I’m not even sure that people cares.

    One thing I’m relatively sure of is that Envy x2 will do very well in the market anyway judging by the reception it received in Engadget’s users input. I for one would look at other options, seeing that this model doesn’t meet my need of casual 3D gaming. I wouldn’t expect it to run Starcraft 2 or Skyrim.

    But then again, it seems that most people only play 2 games in their life: Angry Birds and Bedazzled. So the x2 might just be perfect for them.

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