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Top 5 Hybrid Cars that go easy on the wallet – Part 1

Gone are the days when you could only look for a gasoline engine in a vehicle. The gas prices would trip you off but you would have no other choice but to settle for it. However, the new wave of electric and hybrid cars is getting people the much craved choice on fuel economy. Electric […]

Top 5 Hybrid Cars that go easy on the wallet – Part 2

2012 Lexus CT 200h Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, has been offering its own hybrid vehicles for years, giving buyers who want a car with nicer appointments than the Prius an option. The CT 200h is one of the more recent hybrid entrants to the Lexus model line. This hatchback has no gasoline-only equivalent and cuts […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1

Hewlett-Packard launched the all-new laptop-tablet hybrid called HP Envy x2, however, the company is refraining to call it a tablet. Rather, the term used by the company for the device at the event in San Francisco was ‘Hybrid PC’. The new HP Envy x2 takes the brand name from HP’s line of exclusive and premium […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 2

As for specifications, the Envy x2 runs on an Intel X86 processor, though details on what version are still unknown. A full-version Windows 8 is pre-installed with all its goodies. However, the demo piece had more free- and bloat-ware in it, which would eventually be shaved off at the launch. The device has a docking […]

Lenovo shows glimpse of its upcoming tablet hybrid IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo tweeted last week on the upcoming new tablet/laptop hybrid called the IdeaPad Yoga and also said “It won’t be long now.” The device was first showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in January but is still to hit the market because of the late Windows 8 release. The new hybrid tablet has […]

Toshiba releases new tablet/laptop hybrid Satellite 925t

Toshiba launched the all-new Satellite U925t in an event last week. The device is of utmost importance from a number of aspects. For one it is the first Windows 8 device launched by the Japanese PC-makers and it has a different shape from the contemporary line of tablets. Microsoft has been marketing and advertising its […]

Lexus GS 450h (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Lexus released a new hybrid, the sibling of the GS 350, called the GS 450h, and the ‘h’ is probably for hybrid. The car uses speeds to entice the speed enthusiasts and the economy to impress the eco-friendly public. As it always goes for Lexus, luxury is always the first priority. However, the beauty of […]

Lexus GS 450h (2012): Full Review – Part 2

The electric power source is a combination of two electric motors getting the juice from a 30-kilowatt nickel metal hybrid battery set. The electric muscle fires out 180 and 200 horses from the motors, respectively. The electric mechanism is bit of blur but the end result is a totally unique experience from the traditional electric […]

Lexus GS 450h (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The rigid suspension however, has its drawbacks. For one, it does not isolate the driver or the passengers from the road, an aesthetic for which the brand Lexus was infamous for. One more thing about the new GS 450h is the top-end transmission box upfront. Though it is only used in for the gas engine, […]

Lexus GS 450h (2012): Full Review – Part 4

The car has a premium 18-speaker audio set clocked at a massive 835 watts to reproduce the music in sheer quality. The audio system itself has all the necessary connectivity options from Bluetooth to USB. Phonebook is seamlessly synced and the system’s voice command works perfectly, without any jitters and clippings, to give dial numbers […]

Toyota Prius C (2012): Full user’s review – Part 1

A new Prius is out the Toyota factory with a new suffix and some design and tech features. The new Prius C is the successor and younger sibling to last year’s Prius V, which was the midrange hatch in the hybrid category of the Japanese automakers. Loaded with new car tech and a very fuel […]

Toyota Prius C (2012): Full user’s review – Part 2

However, that said, a personal test spanning over a week gave some overly satisfying statistics. In a week of travelling through both city and on the highway, gave an average of a little over 50 mpg. The highway average was constantly over 50 as compared to 46 provided by the EPA. This difference in numbers […]


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