Lexus GS 450h (2012): Full Review – Part 1

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Lexus released a new hybrid, the sibling of the GS 350, called the GS 450h, and the ‘h’ is probably for hybrid. The car uses speeds to entice the speed enthusiasts and the economy to impress the eco-friendly public.

As it always goes for Lexus, luxury is always the first priority. However, the beauty of the car goes beyond the interior this time around. The car has nice and pretty shape on the outer shell that reminds of both a sports sedan and a family car. However, it does not give a single hint of being a hybrid, even remotely.

Unlike other economy hybrids in the market have one identical aesthetic that is their bumped up trunk that has little space compared to normal gas engine vehicles. Although Lexus loses some of the trunk space mainly because of the battery set fixed at the rear, it has a normal trunk that does not show off.

The normal overall shape is augmented by the beautiful grille in the front that reminds of a sports car from Asiatic descent. The shape is aero dynamic and nominal weighed as well. Both factors jointly support the gas engine residing inside the bonnet.

Under the hood is a hybrid power train that gives the car both brawn and the brains to act swiftly to allure the likes of both petrol heads and environment friendly people. There are certain things about this new GS 450h that make it irresistible to at least try at the dealerships.

The gas engine inside is 3.5 Litre V6 beast that churns out 286 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque  through the company’s signature hybrid port and direct fuel injection. Though the power spit to front wheels might not be an impressive figure to most but thanks to its dynamic shape, the car reaches 60 miles per hour from a standstill in about 5.6 seconds. However, these are all company’s own figures. The actual drive was a little stalled at first but once the car gained its momentum, it was unstoppable even after 60 mph.

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