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Microsoft plans to employ another thousand people in China to cope rapid growth

Microsoft is expanding its human resource pool by a thousand more employees in China to increase the product services it offers in the region. Due to the briskly expanding consumer market in China, the Seattle-based company has decided to increase the workforce in research and development, and customer services. China is the fastest growing mobile […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1

Hewlett-Packard launched the all-new laptop-tablet hybrid called HP Envy x2, however, the company is refraining to call it a tablet. Rather, the term used by the company for the device at the event in San Francisco was ‘Hybrid PC’. The new HP Envy x2 takes the brand name from HP’s line of exclusive and premium […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 2

As for specifications, the Envy x2 runs on an Intel X86 processor, though details on what version are still unknown. A full-version Windows 8 is pre-installed with all its goodies. However, the demo piece had more free- and bloat-ware in it, which would eventually be shaved off at the launch. The device has a docking […]

Lenovo shows glimpse of its upcoming tablet hybrid IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo tweeted last week on the upcoming new tablet/laptop hybrid called the IdeaPad Yoga and also said “It won’t be long now.” The device was first showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in January but is still to hit the market because of the late Windows 8 release. The new hybrid tablet has […]

Samsung shows of its first Windows 8 hybrid tablet PCs, Series 5 and Series 7 Slates – Part 1

Samsung has hoarded the market with tablets and hybrids. The latest devices launched by the company are Series 5 and 7 Slates that predominantly hybrid computers. The company launched Ativ tablet at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany but that is not to be confused with the Slates that are hybrids not stand alone tablet […]

Samsung shows of its first Windows 8 hybrid tablet PCs, Series 5 and Series 7 Slates – Part 2

The same bundle of ports, USB, HDMI and connectivity options as Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet port with an adaptor are also available in the Series 7. With all this circuitry, the elder brother with more than Series 5 at 1.89 pounds when attached to the base. The depth is 0.5-inch. Due to the dual nature […]

Sony introduces new touch-screen computers

Sony introduces new touch-screen computers Sony showed a new 20-inch (51cm) table-top PC and another device that can slide between a laptop design and a tablet-like slate at Berlin´s IFA. The Vaio Tap 20 touchscreen is aimed at family use and can be used by several people at once. The convertible ultrabook, the Vaio Duo […]

Microsoft and RIM expected to grab big market chunks upon Windows 8 and BB10 releases

Microsoft and Research in Motion are the biggest beneficiaries of the ongoing half of 2012, according to the market research firm ABI Research. Both companies have their flagship operating systems in line expected to be launched in September 2012 and first quarter of 2013, repectively. Microsoft, who recently redesigned and re-launched its corporate logo, are […]

Microsoft reshapes its corporate logo, the Windows graphics are now part of it

The year 2012 has surely been a term of changes in the technology industry. Major tech companies have changed products, looks and other aesthetics and now Microsoft is following the suit. The company has changed its corporate logo and has added Windows logo as a part of it. It has been around 25 years since […]

Microsoft already has spurred commotion in the market with its Surface tablets

Microsoft has taken a big and bold step at manufacturing its own tablets and plunging into the OEM business for the first time in over three decade company history. There is no doubt that the pre-announcement of the Surface tablets, both Pro and RT, was mind-boggling. The Pro is certainly capable of capturing the ultrabook […]

Toshiba cuts Windows RT tablets loose, slates Intel based devices with Windows 8 Pro

Toshiba will join Hewlett-Packard in passing on the first round of tablets based on the RT versions of Windows 8. This follows the confirmation Monday from Microsoft that Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo will debut tablets and/or convertibles (Asus has already announced theirs) based on the version of the Windows 8 that runs on ARM chips. […]

Hardware partners respond to Microsoft’s new Surface tablets – Part 1

In the recent events most OEMs, including Acer, have criticised the new product and the possible negative market it may create Microsoft’s new tablets have spurred a new kind of criticism toward their upcoming launches in Fall 2012. However, everyone knew what was coming to Microsoft when they launched the new devices in June. Microsoft […]


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