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Computer sale seeks a significant drop in Europe

Computer sales in Europe fell by 8.4% in 2011. According to data from Gartner, 58 million units have reportedly been sold during the year. During the last quarter of the year, the sales of the personal computers declined to 11.7% (15.3 million units) over the same period of 2011. In the last quarter, the decline […]

Intel sales and profits fall according to the fourth quarter

Intel, the technology giants, saw a subsequent decline in sale of their chips as the sales declined down 3% during the last quarter comparing to the 5% chips they sold in the previous. The company said that the figure will keep on declining over the next quarter and there is little arguing to the statement […]

Lenovo set to defeat HP in home computing

There is little arguing to the statement that HP is no longer the world’s largest manufacturer of computers. According to a survey, which says it has 15.5% of the market compared to 15.7% of China’s Lenovo. However, some reports suggest that HP’s profit margin is ahead of the Chinese brand in the technology sector. It would be the […]

HP sees enterprise sector as the target market for upcoming Windows 8 tablets

Hewlett-Packard has been in the PC business for as long as one can remember but the wave of tablets has hampered its profitability in the industry. Its recent efforts of a turnaround have not panned out and now the company is attempting to have a take at the tablet market, again. HP is one of […]

HP plans to develop Smartphones, says Whitman

Hewlett-Packard CEO, Meg Whitman, has confirmed that HP is likely to turn to Smartphone market after presenting their valuable customers with the best computer machines and printers. However, the technology giants that earned their names after offering best business machines, failed to purchase the Palm OS and delaying the launch of the tablets. “We did […]

Technology spending to increase by 5 percent this year, says IDC

Technology trend tracker IDC and investment bank JP Morgan expect a slightly slow growth in the technology industry. However, both had the mutual agreement on the decline in PC business. The industry is surly in the post-PC era with tablets and smartphones becoming more ubiquitous every day. The PC industry saw growth on snail’s pace […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 1

Hewlett-Packard launched the all-new laptop-tablet hybrid called HP Envy x2, however, the company is refraining to call it a tablet. Rather, the term used by the company for the device at the event in San Francisco was ‘Hybrid PC’. The new HP Envy x2 takes the brand name from HP’s line of exclusive and premium […]

HP launches its first Windows 8 hybrid laptop, HP Envy x2 – Part 2

As for specifications, the Envy x2 runs on an Intel X86 processor, though details on what version are still unknown. A full-version Windows 8 is pre-installed with all its goodies. However, the demo piece had more free- and bloat-ware in it, which would eventually be shaved off at the launch. The device has a docking […]

Lexmark says it will downsize by 1,700 jobs in restructuring to explore more of the inkjet market

Lexmark, the printer makers, announced on Monday that they will probe deeper into the inkjet printer market more and will undergo downsizing by a volume of 1,700 jobs. The company has seen a slow growth in consumer and corporate market and its share price has paid the toll. Lexmark, trading under LXK has seen a […]

India PC market booming with increase in desktops and laptop demand, says Gartner

India’s personal computer market is moving in almost the opposite direction from the US’ with an increase of almost 17 percent in the second fiscal quarter 2012 from a year-ago quarter. The leaders were Lenovo on the top, followed closely by Acer and Hewlett-Packard. However, the year-ago market leader Dell saw a decrease in the […]

HP releases quarterly earnings for the third fiscal term, share fall 6%

Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently announced its quarterly earnings to the public and the beleaguering income statement took a hit in the stock market immediately.  HPQ share price fell 6 percent in the early trading on Thursday. Many experts are of the opinion that the loss-evident financial summary of the third fiscal quarter is a clear statement […]

Dell moves into enterprise solutions, PC business will continue but will not be the focal point – Part 1

Dell, one of the biggest PC-making companies in the world, have started to digress from their primary business. According to the founder and CEO of the company, Michael Dell, the enterprise solutions are their new services portfolio. He clearly stated that Dell is no longer in the PC business. Since the iPad has instigated a […]


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