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Apple’s upcoming iPhone: It can be the fastest smartphone and it should be – Part 1

Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII is undoubtedly the most intimidating handset to Apple’s upcoming release of new iPhone. The Android phone, for the first time in the contemporary smartphone competition, has set a standard for the premium handsets and Apple has to come up with something that stands tall against it. Though the new Galaxy SIII […]

Apple’s upcoming iPhone: It can be the fastest smartphone and it should be – Part 2

However, given the fact that iOS environment is closely inspected and is way faster than Android, Apple might give a green signal to dual-core processing units with 4G LTE capabilities. One way or the other, the new iPhone will be a faster phone if LTE is included into the equation like the new third generation […]

LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 1

LG is taking smartphone business very seriously and within a month, has launched two handsets that are premium handsets in their own rights. The latest is LG Optimus 4X HD. As the name suggests, it has an HD display, near-field communication chip and a quad-core processor. The ‘4’ included in the name can also be […]

LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 2

It is 5.19 inches long and 2.69 inches wide, making it a difficult choice for those who have smaller hands. Even for large hands it is not a feasible to work with one hand. The body is made of plastic but LG spared not leeway on premium quality. The back case is textured with a […]

LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The Android 4 comes with all the goodies from Google including Gmail, Search, Plus, Latitude, Play Store, Messenger, Maps with Navigation, Places, Talk, and YouTube. Moreover there are other apps that range from basic calculator to the Polaris Office, universal suite that is compatible with the famous office formats like .doc, .docx. Email, calendar, notifications […]

LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 4

NFC Chip is a welcome though we have seen it in many devices now. It still has a special place in LG handsets. The Korean company ships three Tag+ stickers with Optimus 4X HD, Sleep, Car and Office. The user can customize the profiles for every mode like screen brightness, ring volume and alarm clock, […]

Apple MacBook Pro (2012) with Retina Display: Full Review – Part 1

Apple release the perfect hybrid of last year’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air packed with the latest Ivy Bridge processor and NVIDIA GPU Apple took a huge leap in laptop computer technology with the release of new MacBook Pro, version 2012. That is its official name, but it does not quite do the justice to […]

Apple MacBook Pro (2012) with Retina Display: Full Review – Part 2

Design It had been more than four years since the MacBook Pro saw a major revamp to its design. It was about time that Apple released a new Pro with a new shape and aesthetics. Though the company has been late in adopting new technology from Intel but it has regularly updated the innards with […]

Apple MacBook Pro (2012) with Retina Display: Full Review – Part 3

Features The new laptop adopts Apple’s unibody design with aluminium finish. As mentioned before, the MacBook Pro is upgraded to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge quad-core Core i7 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, for the base model. The processor is supported by 8 GB of 1.5 GHz DDR3 RAM that can be upgraded to a whopping […]

Apple MacBook Pro (2012) with Retina Display: Full Review – Part 4

Though the near future is expected to see Retina Display, or some other technology like it, in every electronic device with a screen but Apple has become the first one to introduce it to the masses. For now, Apple remains the market leader with the pinnacle of screen technology achieved. Note that all the previous […]

Gaming laptops: What they offer and how they differ from other notebooks?

There have risen a number of gaming laptops in the market of late, especially after the launch of Intel’s new line of processors and NVIDIA’s new iterations of high-end graphics cards. Milking these new technologies in laptops is a great way to offer replacements to desktops. However, with performance comes a compromise on size and […]

Samsung Galaxy S III: Should we welcome the 2012 model or make peace with it? – Part 1

Now that Samsung Galaxy S III is finally here, it is about time that we start digging into the details of the handset. I am well aware of the fact that there are many Galaxy S enthusiasts in every corner of the world. That revelation came more vividly last time I wrote an article on […]


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