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The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 1

The year 2011 was by far the most crowded year in the recent history with a slew of electronic gadgets from smartphones to television to computers. The most prominent devices remained, without any hint of doubt, the tablets. However, several others saw new trends following up shaping the competition in a different stroke. Not only […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 2

2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus The strategic partnership between Samsung and Google on the platform of Galaxy has produced a host of attractive and able phone in the last two or more years. Galaxy SII and Skyrocket are some examples to quote. However, 2011 edition of the Nexus family, Galaxy Nexus embraced the latest version of […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 3

However, this time around, they could not sneak out with an attractive commodity. The iPhone 4—released in 2010—was succeeded 4S, that was mostly a disappointment in the start due to the reason that many were expecting a robust and revamped iPhone 5. However, despite the criticism it 2011 edition managed to capture a substantial part […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 4

The laptop is targeted at small-businesses but the Folio 13 is up for grabs to anyone who has interest in super-thin laptops that work splendidly but do not sport the Apple moniker. The Folio was the star of the CES 2012 and attracted more than usual crowd toward it. The inclusion of a DVD drive […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 5

its shape since its original release, it is expected to get a change in the formation as well. 6. Amazon Kindle Since e-reading is trending in the modern world filled with tablets and smartphones, the e-readers, pioneered by Amazon with its first Kindle in 2007, are losing their market share. Not anymore! The company, which […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 6

Although Apple has forever lasting marriage with NetFlix and Hulu, Roku boasts the wider pool of material to watch and listen. Moreover, the device is also compatible with older televisions that sport colour picture tubes via RF cables. 8. Logitech Harmony 650 Powerful universal remote with great ergonomics; color LCD screen surrounded by five contextual […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 7

The downside to the flamboyant Android device is the lack of applications that could test and utilize the true potential of four cores nestled inside the chassis. Furthermore, device can also be used as a full-fledged laptop. The optional dock available is worth spending every penny of $150. When attached to the dock, the tablet […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 8

11. Amazon Kindle Fire Last but not the least, Amazon’s first coloured tablet seals list. The device is short on many tablet-specific features but still is price and utility plays a huge part in its success thus far. The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon’s impressive collection of digital music, […]


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