The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 5

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its shape since its original release, it is expected to get a change in the formation as well.

6. Amazon Kindle

Since e-reading is trending in the modern world filled with tablets and smartphones, the e-readers, pioneered by Amazon with its first Kindle in 2007, are losing their market share.

Not anymore!

The company, which reigns over the online bookstore business, has taken a huge step in compelling the readers to buy their dedicated e-inked e-readers. Its latest creation, the Kindle, has been making huge sales because of the price tag slapped on its box.

The Kindle is all yours for $79 and that does not only include a readers but a web browser, music player and email applications as well. The price has however, made the big difference.

On the plus side, the device is fittingly suitable for reading and web browsing, nothing more nothing less. On the other hand, it lacks backlit LEDs therefore, is not suitable for use in the dark.

However, with a pocket money of a price, the device has been a great source of reading and has since made huge sales.

7. Roku LT

One thing that Apple could not manage to conquer was home entertainment. The company, as always, pioneered another market for online content in the reach of home appliances like televisions.

The main reason for the aforementioned premise is that entrance of a cheaper and handier device that does the same and even more. Roku introduced the Roku LT, a smail set-top box used to connect the television with the World Wide Web akin to Apple TV.

However, this device has more options and sources to keep its audience entertained and is cheaper than its foe. The device is available for $59 and has a host of services to amuse the users.

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