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US Pay-TV faces monumental drop in paid subscription

US Pay-TV services faced the biggest drop in subscription ever recorded in the second quarter, as economic woes and competition from Netflix and other over-the-top TV services set in. The biggest reason for drop is increasing consumer interest in streaming boxes like Apple TV and Roku LT/HD. Services like Netflix and Hulu Plus come pre-installed […]

In Easy Steps: Which media streaming device to buy? – Part 1

Media streaming boxes are not a luxury or speciality product anymore, the ubiquity of the steaming devices and their dirt-low prices have made them a household product in the last one year. However, the decision on the best product has become more and more difficult as the number of competitors is increasing day after day. […]

In Easy Steps: Which media streaming device to buy? – Part 2

Roku LT/HD The most inexpensive of the online streaming devices is Roku LT. Although other variants from Roku are also the least expensive, given their feature sets, but LT offers the best services package for the buck paid. It streams videos in HD resolution, up to 720p, and has widest variety of applications and services. […]

In Easy Steps: Which media streaming device to buy? – Part 3

Apple TV The best option if you are an Apple-product user. If you are already in Apple ecosystem, Apple TV is the hands-down best choice for you. Not only do you get uninterrupted access to iCloud, iTunes and App Store but there is YouTube for you as well, of you are regular watcher. Roku, on […]

In Easy Steps: Which media streaming device to buy? – Part 4

For a relatively higher price, Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles offer more services than the dedicated streamers. However, the choice of streaming services is limited on these latter options. Xbox360/PlayStation 3 Gaming consoles are thought to be limited to game plays and online server connectivity. However, that is not the case anymore. After a host […]

The best three devices to purchase under a $100 (Globally) – Part 1

A $100 is a lot if you want to spend it is a day or two. Movies, books, theatre are some of alternatives that might get your something worth your while. However, a hundred bucks on something that might last more than two or three years with careful use is a steal. There are many […]

The best three devices to purchase under a $100 (Globally) – Part 2

Roku’s strongest suit in media streaming competition is the availability of the content. It has third-party applications like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and MLB.TV. Also, it has opened doors for unregistered application to be downloaded from the web. However, most of them do not work properly but it is worth a shot. It […]

Apple TV (2012 model): Do the host of new features mean a better option in the market? – Part 1

Apple, Inc. announced the latest model of their signature set-top box Apple TV. The new device will hit the shelves on March 16 with the new iPad 2012 model. With the release of the new Apple TV, the competitors will now face a new competition in the market and lying right next to Apple TV […]

Apple TV (2012 model): Do the host of new features mean a better option in the market? – Part 2

The same goes for the remote, which keeps only the essential buttons. Roku’s remote now includes direct-access buttons for Netflix, Pandora, and Crackle. The separate Channel Store is also a great way to offer a ton of content from partners without cluttering the main home screen. As far as the remote control is concerned, Apple […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 1

The year 2011 was by far the most crowded year in the recent history with a slew of electronic gadgets from smartphones to television to computers. The most prominent devices remained, without any hint of doubt, the tablets. However, several others saw new trends following up shaping the competition in a different stroke. Not only […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 2

2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus The strategic partnership between Samsung and Google on the platform of Galaxy has produced a host of attractive and able phone in the last two or more years. Galaxy SII and Skyrocket are some examples to quote. However, 2011 edition of the Nexus family, Galaxy Nexus embraced the latest version of […]

The best gadget of 2011, Period – Part 3

However, this time around, they could not sneak out with an attractive commodity. The iPhone 4—released in 2010—was succeeded 4S, that was mostly a disappointment in the start due to the reason that many were expecting a robust and revamped iPhone 5. However, despite the criticism it 2011 edition managed to capture a substantial part […]


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