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EU approved new sanctions against Russia

European Unity

The Twenty-count on Friday with a new package of sanctions in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine. The new High Representative for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini has advanced today that the European Commission has almost finalized its proposal and must approve the Member States at the end of the week. ” We need to respond […]

USA imposes new sanctions on Iran

USA and Iran

United States announced Friday a new set of sanctions against Iran, despite stressing to  continue negotiations to find a lasting solution to the nuclear dispute with Tehran maintains the international community. Those affected are over 25 entities and individuals suspected of “expanding the Iranian nuclear program, proliferation, supporting terrorism in the region or help Iran […]

U.S. and EU toughen sanctions on Russia


West shows his teeth. The EU agreed yesterday to toughen sanctions against Moscow for his role in the conflict in Ukraine, with strong action on the financial sector, energy and military. There was nothing like it since the end of the Cold War: to punch in the European table, which is after the downing of […]

Russia raises interest rates to prevent capital flight

Russia increase interest rate

The Russian central bank gained unexpectedly Friday the benchmark interest rate from 7.5% to 8%, Reuters reports, with the aim of trying to prevent investors in anticipation of new sanctions by the West, pull their money in the country and avoid the higher prices caused by the sharp depreciation of the currency. It is the […]

Moscow warns against United States sanctions


Sanctions against Russia have a ” boomerang effect ” and have Russian- American relations to a “dead end,” said Thursday President Vladimir Putin reacting to the latest round of restrictions against key economic enterprises of the country, announced on Wednesday in Washington. The state oil company Rosneft, the gas company Novatek and Gazprombank Vneshekonombank and […]

USA imposes Iran Sanction Act on Syrian State-run Oil Company

Washington: The United States of America has put sanctions on a Syrian State Oil Company for doing business with Iran, a country which is already facing sanctions by the US congress over the political differences emanating from its stand on developing its nuclear program. Sharing details of the decision that confirmed placement of the sanctions, […]

USA looks forward to make sanctions on Iran more stringent

The United States, who is striving to keep Iran from developing its nuclear programme, has decided to add up to its sanctions on the country that is already ailing from the financial and business sanctions. According to the press brief issued by the US state department, “One set of today’s actions targets Iran’s nuclear and […]

Clinton appreciates 11 countries’ efforts to reduce oil imports from Iran

Clinton appreciates 11 countries’ efforts to reduce oil imports from Iran Washington: (Tuesday, June 12, 2012) Hillary Clinton, while appreciating 11 countries, including India, who have reduced their oil imports from Iran, has hinted for reporting the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 to not to be applicable on these countries. She said, […]

India considering exporting wheat to sanction crippled Iran

India is considering wheat exports to Iran, as New Delhi hopes to boost exports to the sanctions-hit nation to help settle part of its oil imports bill through a bilateral mechanism. An Iranian trade delegation will come to India next week to discuss wheat exports, the source added, without elaborating on the likely payment mechanism […]

India ready to reduce Iranian oil purchases by 11 percent after Clinton’s visit

India said Tuesday it would cut purchases of Iranian oil by 11 per cent following pressure from the United States to join a drive to isolate the Islamic republic over its disputed nuclear programme. Indian refiners expect to import 15.5 million metric tons of crude from Iran in the fiscal year that began April 1, […]

Iran says United States jet deployment in U.A.E is a threat to regional security

The United States’ deployment of cutting-edge F-22 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates “will endanger the region’s security,” Iran warned on Tuesday. “We do not in any way approve the presence of foreign forces in the region. We advise the regional countries against providing a basis for their presence, “foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast […]

More Sanctions to be put on Iran: UN Committee formed

More Sanctions to be put on Iran: UN Committee formed The United States welcomes the important actions taken by the UN Security Council’s 1737 Committee. On April 18 the 1737 Committee imposed sanctions on two individuals and one entity found to be involved in an intercepted arms shipment from 2010. All three of these targets […]


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