Five militants confirmed dead from US Drone attacks in South Waziristan

A recent Drone attack in South Waziristan has confirmed to have exterminated five militant fighters. The news comes out of Wana on Thursday, October 27. The recent development comes after a bomb blast rocked through the city of Peshawar, injuring 11 people.
There has been negative news coming in from the Northern region of Pakistan as activities raise panic and disorder in the region.

The Drone assault reportedly targeted a vehicle passing through the region of Warsak in South Waziristan. Though the news is unconfirmed, it is important to note than many press agencies are claiming that the brother of the Amir of Taliban Mujahideen in
South Waziristan, Mullah Nazir, was one of the victims of the recent rocket fire. The recent attack provides the US Troops and the Coalition forces in Afghanistan, a credible success in the region.

Taliban however has not confirmed the reports from its end. The US attack comes after two helicopters from Afghanistan violated Pakistani Airspace at 2:00 a.m.

“Two helicopters intruded several kilometres inside Pakistan territory in Datta Khel town around 2:00 am,” a military official said earlier today.

The increase in activity along the northern border region is targeted at reducing militant insurgency in the Waziristan region. The US has targeted many groups in the region and their priority has been to force the Haqqani Network into submission. The group
has been deemed responsible for violence in Afghanistan and there is a consensus amongst the US politicians to involve the network in a peace deal with the Afghan Government.

The Coalition Forces have already dented the Haqqani Network’s leadership after it took out Janbaz Zardan, a senior commander in the group. A drone attack eliminated him in the Waziristan region and brought the attention to the progress the US administration
is making in their goals.

“His death in Miram Shah makes him the most senior Haqqani leader in Pakistan to be taken off the battlefield,” the official said.

A bomb blast in Peshawar recently injured 11 people and there has been wide spread belief that this is the cost of obliging with the US stance on the Taliban in Waziristan.