Amar Upadhyay and Mandeep seem to be playing a double game on Bigg Boss 5

After the elimination of Shakti Kapoor, the Bigg Boss contestants have started realising that Amar Upadhayay is liable for Shakti Kapoor’s exit. They also feel that both of them are the masterminds and creating unnecessary trouble amongst housemates.

Outside the house, Shakti Kappor feels that his eviction was planned and he has never been a part of any fight before and added, “I think there is something planned about my eviction. Everyone in the audience feels there is something wrong. I thought I would
win the show and so did the people."

Inside the house, Akashdeep Saigal said, "Shakti Kapoor ended up being a scapegoat. The mastermind behind all the plotting was Amar. He is the one, who got him eliminated." And Shraddha also agreed with Saigal view.

In the yesterday’s episode, Amar Upadhyay and Lakshmi Tripathi patched up after blaming each other for playing double game. Meanwhile, Amar told the housemates that Mandeep is creating problem amongst everyone. The housemates agreed with them and after playing
a clever game, Amar told Mandeep that he called her mastermind only to see how everyone will react and further added that Akashdeep and Sidharth are also planning to nominate her for the upcoming eliminations.

Mandeep moved towards other housemates and told all the details of her conversation with Amar. As a result, all of them started blaming him. Last Night, Shonali Nagrani and Mahek were busy explaining Sky as how Shonali gained sympathies of the housemates.
On the other hand, Mandeep and Amar again started bitching about the Shonali and Pooja Bedi. Both of them decided to maintain a distance from the duo, to avoid fight inside the house.  

Bigg Boss called Sky to confession room and handed him a letter, to read it out in front of all the housemates. The letter was carrying news tasks which Bigg Boss assigned for the housemates. Shraddha and Pooja Misrra were seen cooking lunch; whereas Shraddha
was busy in backbiting against Jhui and Pooja and said that they have to be careful, whenever they are around them.

It is a reality that Pooja Bedi and Jhui Parmar are most clever contestants inside the house. Both of them are real masterminds in Bigg Boss 5 and are playing good game as compared to Mandeep.