KTLA and CTV, in addition to newspapers and magazines like USA Today, Boston Globe, Forbes.

1.      2.       Gonabit

With Groupon.com leading the way in group purchasing business, there is no surprise that many others have towed the same line. However, unlike Groupon, these websites are not looking to become public without a solid instrument of revenue to lure investors at the stock market.

Gonabit started at a low level in Dubai and gradually increased its span all over UAE. At the moment, this company has deals not only addressing the UAE market but almost the whole Middle East from Kuwait to Jordon to Lebanon.

Moreover, the website offers another feasible channel to cater the population in even more depth. The Arabic version of the website, although is not the first attempt online, is the first attempt in this business.

2.       3.        Nahel

Although e-commerce and e-shopping is not news to internet users, the Middle Eastern sector lacked dedicated services of local retailers on the web. However, Souq.com and Otlob Mall have accepted the challenge.

The reason why Nahel is different from all other competitors in the market is the variety of items it offers. The company sells items from electronics to health and beauty care to books and movies. Above all, the prices are competitive.

Launched in 2009 to cater to the UAE market, the company started to ship products abroad via Aramex, taking a competitive edge on its competitors.