The Consumer Electronic Show has always been the opportunistic stage for big technology companies to showcase their newest and latest gadgets and appliances for the coming year. However, as the event is waterlogged with various tech companies, many just do not attract enough attention to show their innovations or releases to the public and experts.

On the other hand, there are many other companies that have the pedigree of being the best at such events and keep the reputation intact. The CES 2012 was no exception to the likes of Microsoft, who were appearing at the event for the last time, Samsung, who announced a number of new products to populate the categories of tablets and smartphones, HP, who announced their first pure ultrabook laptop.

In home entertainment, Microsoft announced their Kinect, so far an Xbox 360 peripheral, as a compatible device with personal computers and televisions.

Moreover, LG announced its latest television that outshined the products of its peers. Not that LG was the only company to bring the OLED TVs to the event, many others also brought their latest innovations to the stage but LG had the best combination of all things put together.

However, only the model number was given to the audience, the full name and specs will be announced when the product is released to the market. The new model 55EM9600 was a stunner in every respect. The 55-inch organic LED television was not the only product at the event but it was a huge source of attraction.

LG has a very respectable track record in the world of home entertainment with state-of-the-art DVD players to Blu-Ray drives to sound surround systems. But TV manufacturing has always been the company’s forte.

The new television was thinner than its peers and had the highest resolution screen at the event. Moreover, it can be connected to the internet and has its own HDD for recording shows and movies. It is passive 3D to add more flamboyance to the already attractive appliance.

However, two things should be considered after the company wound off its presentation. The OLED technology is going to be a temporary solution and the intermediate step toward the pure LED screens. The second thing is that the OLED TV will not be a cheap appliance to purchase once it reaches the shelves.