Hinglaj Temple in Baluchistan: The hidden historical treasure of Pakistan


Hingula is 90 miles away from Karachi. The road from Karachi to Hingula is alongside the Arabian Sea. The area actually is a part of Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Hingol River falls on its way in Makran hills. Usual Transport is Camel or Camel driven

A beam of light can be seen within the dark cave, where the temple is located. The temple of Hinglaj is situated on the right bank of Hingol River. It is a low mud edifice, built at the extremity of a natural cave of small dimension, and only contains a
tomb shaped stone, which is called the Mata or Maha Maya (Goddess).

It is about 170 miles 250 KM from Karachi. One has to go by road on main Karachi-Quetta Highway (RCD) up to zero point for about 75 miles. Then by road towards west through Lyari town and then to Signal fauji camp stop, crossing Aghore River. Then through
Goongi River and last stop to "Asha Pura" sarai (INN).

Hinglaj is situated about a day’s journey from the sea coast, at the extremity of the range of mountains dividing Lasbella from Mekran. This is a large circular tank near it, which is said to be of great depth.

They relate that one of the priests employed him for a whole year in twisting a rope for the purpose, but it was not long enough. Those who can swim, jump into the tank from an overhanging rock, and proceed through a subterranean passage to another part
of the mountain, which is believed to purify them from their sins.

There is also a practice of throwing a coconut forcefully into the water, and as the bubbles arise in a large or small quantity, the individual accordingly will be happy or miserable.

After creation of Pakistan, the govt. had declared it a prohibited area for residents of India but devotees residing in Pakistan and other foreign countries still take holy pilgrimage to the Peeth starting from Shri Swaminarayan Mandir complex in Karachi during
Navratras in the month of April.

Shri Hinlaj seva Mandli every year makes arrangement of Yatra in the month of April in the form of JATHA JATHA, which is a large group of around 5000 people consisting of men, women and children of different languages and cultures from all the states of
Pakistan. These devotees are dressed in red caps and carry flags and banners of Hinglaj and past memories are renewed.


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