The fact that the company is now considered something of a ”hot potato” in Washington DC, where the investment bank is losing friends fast, is something investors should worry about, as well.

After the 2008 blow, many investors just parried away from the company. Moreover, the bank also attracted opprobrium from the media. It just could not revive from trenches of the defeated.

However, with Bloomberg as its visionary and innovative leader, Goldman Sachs will be able to navigate the choppy political waters with greater skill and speed. He is certainly highly qualified for the job, needless to say, with his political and business management acumen.

Should Bloomberg emerge as the choice to take the helm at Goldman Sachs, its a great probability that the stock would bounce, and possibly get back to a spirited upward drive as investors get convinced that the activist and philanthropic billionaire will be able to save the bewildered and besieged investment bank.

No matter what was discussed, Bloomberg’s attractive persona and proven Street credentials and qualifications as one of the most successful leader of New York City must have inevitably crossed Blankfein’s mind, and possibly those of other Goldman Sachs executives, that he could be the perfect leader of Goldman Sachs.