The Geneva meeting which is largely focussed on Syrian crisis, has been threatened by Russian objections and the UN mediator is trying to save it

The UN mediator, Kofi Annan and the Arab League are struggling to conduct a successful Geneva meeting that is scheduled to take place later today and is threatened by Russians who are opposed to the transition policy plan for Syria.

Several ministers of foreign affairs, including those of United States, France and UK have threatened not to go to Geneva if the meeting does not lead to the adoption of this plan.

“Serious threats now weigh on the Geneva meeting,” said a diplomat on condition of anonymity. “It is very important that the meeting leads to a result. We thought that the five permanent members of the Security Council had agreed in principle on the transition
but statements of Russians seem to have put that into question.”

Russia, any ally of the current Syrian government, has objected the political transition plan proposed by Mr. Annan. This plan provides for the establishment of a provisional government which will exclude certain present Syrian government officials.

In a bid to attempt to save the meeting, Kofi Annan called for preparatory meeting of senior officials of major powers on Friday.

Annan is trying to find a solution with Russians and though Moscow initially agreed to it, it is believed that they have now reviewed their position.

The document proposed by Annan stats that the transitional government could include members of government and opposition but would exclude those whose presence “could undermine the credibility of the transition and put stability and reconciliation to risk.”

Initially, Russian foreign ministry official, Sergei Lavrov agreed to the proposal but now says that it is an “externally imposed recipe” and that “there was no improved project” for the Geneva conference.

Meanwhile, Syrian troops have also gathered 15km away from the border with Turkey. The troops are estimated to be 2500 soldiers backed by tanks and 170 vehicles according to senior military chairman of the Syrian resistance army General Mustafa Al-Sheikh.

The general says that this is a show of force against the Turks who have increased their presence on the border with Syria.