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China taking a lead in the New Great Game – Part 4

Strengthening relations with CAS The bilateral relations between the PRC and Kyrgyzstan have fortified in the post-Cold War era. Beijing sees Kyrgyzstan as a strategic base for trade expansion across Central Asia and the former Soviet space. Kyrgyzstan seeks to make best use of its profits from re-exporting Chinese goods. That trade is worth an […]

China taking a lead in the New Great Game – Part 3

China’s reliance on the predominantly Muslim Middle East and Central Asia puts stress on the fact that China cannot tamper or ignore the Uighur (Muslim) question without serious trade implications that could be disastrous for the country’s economy. The Central Asian governments have also adopted a “Go West” policy which is profoundly supported by China. […]

China taking a lead in the New Great Game – Part 2

The five CAS states, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, have huge hydrocarbon reserves which China and other global powers want a piece of. Much of China’s foreign policy complements Gorbachev’s “Perestroika” (restructuring) and “Glasnost” (opening up) principles – an ideology that took practical meaning under the tutelage of Deng Xiao Ping. This major shift […]

China taking a lead in the New Great Game – Part 1

The emerging energy nexus of China with the Central Asian States is now termed the New Great Game.  China has its eyes set on Central Asia, thus prompting a New Great Game in a region where Europe, Russia and the US have sought power for a long time. Since the turn of the new millennium, […]

The burden of Siachen – Part 2

Troop withdrawal, a necessary step Though easier said than done, it may be more practical for both nations to slowly start pulling their troops away from Siachen in order to save their soldiers from further misery. When the Gayari depot was built back I 1984, it was due to the fact that many experts claimed […]

Siachen and the burden it is – Part 1

Siachen, a mysteriously beautiful piece of a white sheet of ice has been yet another bone of contention between two states for whom, the smallest of the crisis always has serious and sometimes, bizarre repercussions. The politics between the two countries is a series of bizarre tactics in which both sides strive to surpass each […]

Head of Syrian intelligence is dead

Hicham Bekhtyar, who was injured in Wednesday’s bombings in Damascus, succumbed to his injuries today according to a local Syrian channel “The command of Baas extends its condolences to the people after the death of Comrade, General Hicham Bekhtyar, the national security chief, who succumbed to his injuries before noon,” said the television. His death […]

Syria: Ban Ki-Moon recommends a withdrawal of UN observers in Damascus

The UN Secretary General has recommended the UN mission in Syria to be redirected from a more political to a small military component In a report released while a hundred Western and Arab countries are meeting in the conference of Friends of the Syrian People in Paris, Mr. Ban wants to “maximise the capabilities of […]

A Syrian general defects to Paris

General Tlas Manaf, who was a close friend of Syrian ruler Bashar Al-Assad, has left the Syrian Army to seek asylum in Paris General Tlas Manaf was a member of the Republican Guard and an important man to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Manaf is now en route to Paris after having defected this Thursday according […]

Amnesty international condemns Chinese repression in Xinjiang

The NGO has accused Beijing of conducting a policy of repression and intimidation of dozens of Uighurs in Xinjiang since the bloody rights that took place in 2009 In a report released on Wednesday, Amnesty International claims that Chinese authorities have executed nine people accused of having fomented violence and arrested several others. The NGO […]

Yasser Arafat was poisoned with polonium

According to the findings in a laboratory in Switzerland, the late Palestine leader, Yasser Arafat was poisoned with polonium, a radioactive substance. These tests were conducted on biological samples taken from the Palestinian leader’s personal belongings, donated to his widow at the Percy military hospital in southern Paris, where Arafat died according to director of […]

Human Rights Watch reports systematic use of torture in Syria

The NGO on Tuesday, published a an 81-page report on the Syrian government’s systematic use of torture under the title “Archipelago of torture” “Torture continues in Syria today and is the product of the government,” says the head of Human Rights Watch, Nadim Houry. On Tuesday, the NGO published an 81-page report on the use […]

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