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Homs bombed as Syrian opposition meets in Cairo

The Syrian army continued the bombing of rebel areas in the Syrian city of Homs where doctors have been forced to amputate the wounded due to lack of medical support. The shelling was especially intense in the districts of Khaldiye and Al-Jourat Chayah according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. “Many neighbourhoods in Homs are […]

Kofi Annan trying to save the Geneva meeting

The Geneva meeting which is largely focussed on Syrian crisis, has been threatened by Russian objections and the UN mediator is trying to save it The UN mediator, Kofi Annan and the Arab League are struggling to conduct a successful Geneva meeting that is scheduled to take place later today and is threatened by Russians […]

Iran looking to intervene to put an end to conflict in Syria

Iran, an ally to Damascus, is looking to use its ‘good relations’ with Turkey and Syria to defuse tensions in the region Iranian authorities feel that it is important to resolve a “very sensitive” issue following the shooting down of a Turkish jet by Syrian forces a few days back. The incident has become a […]

Kofi Annan proposes a transitional government in Syria

A convoy of thirty armoured vehicles left the Turkish coastal city of Iskenderun in the province of Hatay and headed towards the Syrian border. These vehicles will be deployed along the border According to an official news agency based in Anatolia, several armoured vehicles are en route to military facilities in Sanliurfa near the Syrian […]

Is the Syrian conflict leading up to a regional conflict?

After Syria shot down a Turkish reconnaissance plane without prior warning, Turkey and Syria are at loggerheads which may well give the current Syrian conflict a regional shape that does not bode well for the region On Friday, June 22, a Turkish reconnaissance plane, Phantom F-4 was shot down by the Syrian air defence. Prior […]

Fierce fighting in the heart of Damascus

Heavy fighting between Syrian army and rebels forces broke out this Tuesday, 8 km from the centre of the capital according to Observatoire Syrien de le droits humaines According to the NGO, one person was killed during the fighting but it has not been clarified whether the victim was a soldier, a civilian or a […]

Further defections in the Syrian army

A general and several army officers have deserted the Syrian army to seek refuge in Turkey One general, two colonels, several officers and thirty three soldiers have deserted the Syrian army and have arrived in Turkey according to CNN-Turk. These defections add to the thirteen Syrian army generals who arrived on Turkish soil just a […]

Turkish airliner shot down by Syrian forces was flying in international airspace

Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu claims that the Turkish airliner that was shot down this Friday by the Syrian Army was conducting tests on a system of national radar and had no connection with the Syrian crisis “The jet was on a solo flight and was not armed. It was not on a secret mission […]

Arab League calls on Russia to stop supplying arms to Russia

The Arab League has asked Russia to stop supplying weapons to Bashar Al-Assad’s forces who are using arms against civilians While talking to Russian news agency Interfax, Ahmed Ben Helli, the number 2 of the League has asked Russians to stop helping the current Syrian regime. “Any aid to violence must stop, because when you […]

Building of grand Mosque in Marseille finally validated

After a lot of setbacks, the building permit of the great mosque of Marseille has been finally validated. Marseille has one of the largest Muslim communities in France The Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille has approved building permits for Grand Mosque which was cancelled by a tribunal last October. In its final verdict, the […]

Arms race in Syria – fingers pointed at Russia

Despite US Secretary Hillary Clinton’s accusations that Russia has been supplying attack helicopters to Syria, Russians have declined to comment on it On Wednesday, Rosoboronexport, Russia’s arm export agency claimed that the deliveries it made to Syria were in line with United Nations’ regulations but declined to specifically comment on US claims that it was […]

Falklands – a bone of contention between Buenos Aires and London

Thirty years after the war between Argentina and UK over the Falkland Islands, tensions have heightened again between the two capitals as British companies begin oil exploration in the vicinity of the island On Thursday, British Prime Minister, David Cameron warned Argentine government that Britain will stand ready and willing to defend the Falklands. During […]

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