Pakistan’s Defence Secretary Lt General (Retd) Asif Yasin Malik on Friday said that the country has been informed by the US regarding presence of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents.


Speaking to media, the Defence Secretary said that they had complete information of the CIA agents working in Pakistan. He added that no country was allowed to work undercover in Pakistan. He noted, “The CIA also uses the agencies of other countries.”


Commenting about possible operation in North Waziristan, the tribe agency of the country, Yasin said that the operation in the agency could not be successful until sealing off the Pak-Afghan border.


He said that the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was in profit for last three months, adding that almost 200 employees including four pilots had been sacked for fake educational degrees. “Government is working on a policy to get the PIA out of loss,” he said and added that the PIA would purchase four new A-320 planes.


The Secretary further said that the defence ministry had no objection if the government took any action in Asghar Khan’s case.


Asif Yasin Malik said that the US and the UK were against Pakistan’s nuclear programme, adding that the behavior of the US had been changed with Pakistan.