Samsung Galaxy Note: A complete Tech Spec Review – Part 1

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 5:41:16 by

Samsung and Google jointly released their new smartphone Galaxy Note in 2011 to adorn the Galaxy line-up. The phone is the first of its kind as its has a stylus nestled inside the casing for writing notes as with a pen and paper.

Although the addition of a stylus is a bit old school, it brings a lot to the table. With the help of this ‘S-Pen’ a user can easily write notes with 99 percent accuracy and can also edit and modify photos. The editing of photos is always easy and accurate
as compared to a mouse even on a big screen. Therefore, the utility of the stylus has been increased by Samsung. This pen concept might the first one in a smartphone but it has been incorporated in other mobile phone devices like the HTC tablet, Flyer and

However, this new stylus is not a mere pen to write and draw but it is also a mouse like device with buttons on it. This new device included in the Note can be used to navigate through home screens, scroll through various menus and select and activate any
application that the user requires.

Moreover, the stylus is not limited to only Google developed applications. As the Android is an open source operating system and follows an open market strategy, much like Microsoft in home computing, it has the stylus working on any and every application
that is installed on this smartphone.

The most amazing aspect of this new Galaxy phone, however, is that it is not only a smartphone but more like a hybrid of a handset and a tablet. The 5.3-inch display is a big screen that is nestled inside an even bigger yet slim chassis. However, the smartphone
is pocketable and can easily be handled only if the person is standing still. While walking, it is quite a hard cookie to handle, much less while running.

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