Bill Gates extends his hand for the treatment of Arfa Karim, world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 12:53:11 by

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and its current non-Executive Chairman, stirred up the movements for the treatment of world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Arfa Karim.

The 16-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest in 2011 following an epileptic attack. The diagnosis was that she has weak cardiac muscles due to a ventricular septal defect, a hole in the heart muscle. She survived the attack but her health remains unstable due to the congenital defect.

However, the recent updates reveal that the Pakistani doctors are giving little attention to her condition at best, and her health is suffering by the day. Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani took notice of the issue recently but very little has been done to date.

Gates, a philanthropist who runs his own non-profit organization called Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, took notice of the situation and contacted Arfa’s father, Amjad Karim Randhawa, on Monday.

Mr. Karim confirmed the news on Tuesday that Bill Gates has indeed contacted him regarding the health and latest status of his daughter’s condition. However, both Karim and Gates were disappointed on the way this situation has been handled.

Karim further stated that Mr. Gates has offered him Arfa’s fully covered treatment in the USA. There is no doubt that the States has the latest apparatus and health care equipment to perform required surgery. However, according to Pakistani officials, Arfa’s health condition does not permit her to change locations, much less another country, as she is on ventilators.

However, Gates’ doctors have received all of Arfa’s reports so far. The exchange took place over the internet, Karim confirmed. The US medical staff is looking into the situation remotely and will transfer Arfa to the US whenever it is possible.

In addition, doctors are also considering other options for her treatment; most probably some will fly to Pakistan.

The public received the news in a feud and disappointment. The Bill Gates offer clearly means that Pakistani authorities are taking the situation very lightly where it is a serious matter of respecting the top talent.

Arfa became Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004 at the age of 9, becoming the youngest MCP in the history of Microsoft. She held the title for four years until 2008. To date, she has been invited to a number of conferences held by Microsoft all over the world.

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9 Comments for “Bill Gates extends his hand for the treatment of Arfa Karim, world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional”

  1. Taimur Khan

    She should be transferred by air ambulance if possible!

  2. areeb

    pakistani authorities are indeed taking this scenario very lightly! She should be given full and atomst care for her treatment! I think paki people don’t care about talents!

  3. Samiha

    Pls shift her to Great omand street hospital in London by air ambulance with ventilator facility. As soon as possible.


  4. Pls shift her to Great omand street hospital in London by air ambulance with ventilator facility. As soon as possible. Pakistan is no good to her.


  5. atika

    pakistani doctors are giving her the maximum care and she will recover soon Inshallah..
    the power or giving her health rests in Almighty Allah only, even doctors are helpless in this regard.. we should pray to our Lord for her good health and soon recovery.

  6. Abdul Latif Sheikh

    I have tears in my eyes when I heard the breaking news that she just passed away. It’s 1pm in New York and I am extremely sad that she is no longer with us. I did not know about her until now. I searched google and found that she was the youngest IT pro in Pakistan.
    May God give Saabar to her family. What a loss….

  7. AHMAD

    It gives me a great sorrow because I am watching Arfa’s Nimaze Janaza. Pakistan lost one of the best talent in the world.
    She must had shifted to Sick Kids Hospital Toronto Canada. My daughter suffered from Mitral valve regurgitation and aortic valve leakage. She was operated in the aforementioned hospital and she is doing fine. It is pertinent to mention that my daughter were discharge after 2 days without using a pill or injection of antibiotic showing the quality of treatment in Canada.
    By the way question arises that how many people have access to Bill gates or his non-profit foundation?
    Although Arfa has left sorrow in the minds of majority of people but Pakistanis must learn a lesson from this and should take remedial and revolutionary steps in the field of Health Sciences.
    Anyways at this moment we should pray nawafil for her soul.

  8. faheem

    salaam to everyone, im so heart broken and torn apart by finding out this young talent has died…. allah taala give her jannat and sabar to her parents and relatives. she will always be remembered as a role model to the world of i.t and in general…. i wish i died instead of her but allah paak does best… lots of love to everyone and please sabar to her family and friends… allah hafiz

  9. Faizan Bhatti

    Great loss!! May ALLAH give jannat & sabbar to her family 🙁

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