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Roof Collapses in Faisalabad, Leaves 7 Dead

Roof Collapse

In a recently incident which have taken place in Faisalabad, 7 people were found dead under the rubble as roof of a house collapsed. Amongst these 7 people, there were 4 children and their mother. The house belonged to Idrees and the incident took place early in the morning while most of the people are […]

Woman Forced to Drink Acid by In-Laws

allied hospital

It was recently reported from Faisalabad that a woman was forced to drink acid as her in-laws were against her. It all started when a domestic row between the in-laws and a mother of two children came to the point where the family tried to force her to drink acid and actually succeeded. She was […]

Pakistan’s Muhammad Asif wins World Snooker Championship

Pakistani cueist Muhammad Asif won the IBSF World Snooker Championship finals in Bulgaria, beating his opponent, England’s Gary Wilson.   The world champion, who remained unbeaten in the tournament, defeated his opponent 10-8.   Asif bowed to thank Almighty God as soon he won the final 10-8 against experienced Wilson. He was unbeatable throughout the tournament […]

CNG stations to remain closed in Faisalabad region

Faisalabad: Following the load management plan, the CNG stations in all eight districts of Faisalabad region will remain closed today and tomorrow for three days. Under the management plan, all CNG stations in Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Bhakar, Khoshab, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang and Chiniot districts of Faisalabad region will remain shut till 6AM Sunday.

Raja Pervaiz given premiership to serve Zardari

Raja Pervaiz given premiership to serve Zardari Faisalabad: (Wednesday, June 27, 2012) Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Imran Khan said here today that Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was made Prime Minister of Pakistan to serve Zardari, and not to serve the people of Pakistan. Staging a rally here against price hike, rampant corruption and loadshedding, that marched from […]

Who will take suo moto action on lawyers’ violence?

After successfully restoring deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, some elements in the lawyers have really started thinking themselves above the law. The recent attacks by lawyers on policemen, readers and judges are truly regrettable. There has been a string of incidents across Punjab Province in the past few months where the lawyers manhandled policemen, […]

Six-grader commits suicide in Faisalabad

In what appeared to be a shocking state of affairs, a sixth grade student committed suicide after he was allegedly abused by his teacher at a government school in Faisalabad. Eleven-year-old Muhammad Umar, a student of the MC High School Yaseen Abad, burnt himself to death after he was reportedly tortured at the hands of […]

Civil Aviation Authority stops PIA’s three faulty aircrafts

In quite a wise decision, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has prevented three PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) aircraft including two Boeing 77s and one 737-300 from flying after finding faults in them. Public Relations Manager of the CAA, Pervez George, while speaking to the media observed, “Two of the planes were prevented from taking off […]

Angry protesters turn violent as loadshedding worsens in Punjab

Angry protesters turn violent as loadshedding worsens in Punjab The protests in Punjab are spreading across province as the loadshedding gets worse. Started well before a week, violent demonstrations engulfed Lahore, Faisalabad Sargodha and other major cities today. In Sargodha, that was reported to remain less agitated over past few days, demonstrators resorted to vandalism […]

No ending to loadshedding; protests continue in Faisalabad

No ending to loadshedding; protests continue in Faisalabad Faisalabad: (Tuesday, March 27, 2012) Despite strict notice by the President Asif Ali Zardari and a stern warning by PM Gilani to end loadshedding within 24-hours yesterday, the electricity remained out of reach for most of cities of Punjab even today. The angry crowd at various cities, […]

Consistent electricity price hikes

Irrespective of their demands and even protest demonstrations, power consumers across the country have no path to fend off the sums that keeps to be added to their electric bills. In the latest blow, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has made an increment of Rs 6.39 per unit. Although they spared lifeline users consuming […]

Protests mark business of the day throughout the country

Protests mark business of the day throughout the country Islamabad: (Wednesday, February 08, 2012) with the dismal governance breaking records of deterioration, corruption and mismanagement, the whole country stood protesting today. According to news, the capital of Balochistan, Quetta observed protestors clamouring over Pakistan Railways anti-encroachment operation, while Lahore, the capital and largest city of […]


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