What can one expect from Sony’s PlayStation 4?

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Sony will be the last to announce their next generation home console but the company has given quite a few hints as to what one can expect when it comes to the PS4.

The next generation of video game consoles are what every gamer and stakeholder in the Interactive Entertainment Industry is waiting for.

Nintendo, in traditional fashion, is the first of the three major platform developers to have announced their next-gen console, the Wii U, while there is plenty of speculation surrounding Microsoft, which is strongly believed to be set to unveil the Xbox
720 at this year’s E3.

One company who has remain tight lipped is Sony, who have given very little away about the PlayStation 4, apart from the fact that it is in development.

While rumours are rife that the Xbox 720 will have two distinct models with one catering more towards the casual gamer, there is nothing, news wise, on the PS4.

However, if one has been paying attention to recent developments at Sony, plenty of conclusions can be drawn.

Firstly, the change at the top with the President of the Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, stepping down from his post may not be as important an indicator as the person set to take his place.

Mr. Kaz Hirai is the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, the division of Sony responsible for the PlayStation and its development. This could be a move to bring the PlayStation more into the mainstream as a complete home entertainment solution and
there are quite a few factors supporting that.

Sir Stringer was noted for saying that Mr. Hirai’s knowledge of cloud technology was one of the reasons he was being promoted.

Couple that in with the fact that Mr. Hirai is planning on transforming Sony into a company that provides an experience instead of a product suggests that they very well might be creating a network in order to connect all the various platforms and devices.

Need more proof that the PlayStation 4 will be able to do more than just run games? Well, how about the fact that the PlayStation Network is now the Sony Entertainment Network?

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