Osama Bin Laden’s family sent to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan

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Osama Bin Laden’s family sent to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan

Three widows and children of Osama Bin Laden have been deported from Pakistan and have been sent to Saudi Arabia after the completion of their jail-term. The family of Bin Laden, the former Al-Qaeda chief, was in jail as they illegally entered Pakistan and
remained there for some period.

Osama was killed last year on May 2nd in Abbottabad as a result of a secret operation of the US army. However, there are still a lot of question marks about the legitimacy of that operation and also about the killing of Bin Laden. Quite surprisingly,
the dead-body of Osama was not shown to anyone and according to the US forces, they threw his body in the sea.

Considering the fact that Osama was a symbol of terrorism in the world and the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan in pursuit of him, this is against common sense that his dead-body was thrown in the ocean overnight.

This question must be answered by the US as the whole episode has raised a lot of questions about the so-called war on terror as a number of analysts already believe that it is just a war of resources.

Now that Osama’s family has been sent back to Saudi Arabia, this chapter has finished from Pakistan’s end but the incident of 2nd May has really hampered Pakistan’s relations with the world powers and especially the US. The so-called death of
Osama has created a lot of trust deficit between the US and Pakistan as the former questions Pakistan’s sincerity in the war on terror, whereas, the latter is not happy with the fact that the US forces conducted the operation without prior notice.

On top of that, the Salala Check-Post incident rubbed salt in the wounds of Pakistan and now both the countries are trying to redefine their relations.

There is a massive anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and now the masses in the country have a consensus that the relations with the US must be based on mutual respect and equality. The next general elections in Pakistan are going to be of extreme importance
as the new government will have to play a huge role in making the new foreign policy of Pakistan.

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