Toyota Prius C (2012): Full user’s review – Part 2

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However, that said, a personal test spanning over a week gave some overly satisfying statistics. In a week of travelling through both city and on the highway, gave an average of a little over 50 mpg. The highway average was constantly over 50 as compared to 46 provided by the EPA. This difference in numbers might be due to the reason that the EPA considers 65 miles per hour speed is the standard to cruise on the highway. However, during rush hours, maintaining that kind of speed is practically impossible, for a person like me at least.

While the average mileage of the car is satisfying, the power system is a little disappointing. Prius C comes pre-installed with two driving modes, EV and Eco. In the EV mode, the car is supposed to milk the power of the electric motor, suitable for a ride in the city, but as soon as you bury your foot on the accelerator to speed up the car, the gas-engine kicks in to support the electric motor. The Eco mode provides a low acceleration from the power train with only the electric motor running to make the vehicle even more fuel efficient.

The comfort in the car is more or less the same as was in the Prius V. Toyota has installed the same soft padded seats that provide the same comfortable cushion to the driver and passengers. Pull down the throttle and the car accelerates pretty convincingly and changing lanes has improved in this new installation. The steering is quite responsive to the driver’s intentions but it lacks the sharpness to some extent. But that can be warded off as Prius C is Prius V, much less a sports car. Moreover, the driver gets to feel the boost of the electric motor kicking in as the car turns. The full turn radius is quite impressively sharp, even for a hatchback.

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