Imran Khan’s Tsunami turning into a threatening force to the current incompetent politicians

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 5:53:07 by

Imran Khan’s Tsunami turning into a threatening force to the current incompetent politicians

Pakistan’s history has been witnessing countless changes in the emergence of political parties. Nevertheless, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that emerged almost fifteen years ago has become an irresistible force backed by the innumerable youngsters.

Imran Khan’s Tsunami has become inexorable threat for the traditional politicians of the country who have been ruling the country for the last three decades.

It is said that change is the only permanent thing in this ever changing world and the people of Pakistan also want change.

General masses want this change in the political setup of Pakistan. They want a change in the leadership, which has become corrupt and is destroying the prestige of the country. People want to get rid of the family politics and corrupt people.

The PTI has grown into a potential threat to the corrupt leaders because of its rapidly growing popularity among the general masses of Pakistan.

This is one of the fastest growing political parties in the country and has grown into an inescapable threat to those who have been ruling this country for decades.

Imran Khan, who has the potential and characteristic of true leaders, is leading this Tsunami to destroy all bad elements which are causing huge loss to this country.

Imran’s vision is clear that Pakistan should be self dependent and should avoid taking help from other countries in the form of loans. Imran wants to make it a sovereign state in the true sense.

Different anchor persons in talk shows spit on PTI by saying that the party has no agenda. It has no policy to get people out of the current miserable situation. But these anchor persons are doing nothing but following the agendas of their media organizations.

These people should think on it that why the hell people are leaving the established parties to join PTI. Have these people gone mad?

These media persons should keep the real essence of Journalism alive instead of favouring one political party or the other in their talk shows. If PTI does not have any agenda, they people should not follow it.

The youth of Pakistan is with Imran Khan and if he gets a chance to serve the country after getting into power, the general perception is that it will be good for the national interest of Pakistan as he will put the country on the right track.

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2 Comments for “Imran Khan’s Tsunami turning into a threatening force to the current incompetent politicians”

  1. Salman Zafar

    Very wel written.
    Vote for PTI….

  2. Asher

    PTI will clean sweep in next elections inshaALLAH. but they need seat adjustments with JI and other parties which are closer to their agenda in order to elimate the chances of division of votes which may harm them in final result.

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