Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors with possible upshot in the world of gadgetry – Part 2

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Following are the notable gadgets that are anticipated to embrace the new processors or will be affected by its release.


The least developing line of devices from Apple are their notebooks, aside from the desktop line that is diminishing by the day.

It has been more than a year since Macbook Air has received any upgrades both in terms of efficiency and design. The case with Macbook Pro is even worse, which failed to attract Apple’s attention since 2008.

However, the new Ivy Bridge processors are expected to instil new life in both Pros and Airs. Apple signed a hardware contract with Intel in 2006 for chipsets and processors.

The small footprint of the new Ivy Bridge CPUs and proven efficiency with more silicon transistors is going to bring a new shape in the Air line of Macbook. Expect a powerful processor that can hold the upcoming Mac OS X Mountain Lion on the CPU and the rumoured Retina Display on powerful HD4000 integrated GPU.

Pros are expected to be addressed by Apple in the latter part of the year as the company now thrives on bringing slimmer and more mobile devices to customers. However, it is about time that Apple brings in a new shape coupled with a powerful processor in Macbook Pro housing Mountain Loin.


The highly anticipated effect will be on the new line of ultrabooks. This nascent technology was the heart and soul of CES 2012. A number of companies launched a slew of new ultrabooks that have either been released or are at verge.

Ultrabook is a trademark that Intel owns and licences it to the notebook manufacturers who come up to set standards of such technology. The Ultrabook tag with the new Ivy Bridge processors is expected to bring sales boost to non-Macbook Air line.

There are notebooks in the market that do not have the ultrabook moniker on the chassis but still are slim and stylish. Expect more of such devices to shore up with Ivy Bridge CPUs.

Ultrabooks are known for power efficiency, mobility due to slim and light weight design and simple integrated graphics for low- to middle-end games. Since the new processor is highly energy efficient and sports HS4000 GPU with two-fold graphics rendering capabilities, the new line will have a wide array of functionalities including middle- to high-end games.


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  1. Tomy

    High end games on Intel integrated graphics? Are you kidding?

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