Asus ET2700INKS (2012): The Taiwanese company’s first 27-inch All-in-one Windows PC – Part 3

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The new Asus system is a better performer than the recently launched HP Omni 27. There are differences in stark contrast in their performances. Both offer Intel’s Core i-series CPU from last year (Sandy Bridge) but the Asus has Core i7 and the HP has Core i5, which is a lot said in one statement. Both are clocked at different frequencies and offer sheer difference in performance.

In addition HP has an integrated HS1000 graphics card that will be a disappointment for gamers. On the other hand, Asus provides with a discrete but dedicated NVIDIA GPU that is a better option to play mediocre and some high-end games, with a compromise on screen resolution. Though the native resolution will play some high-end games, the results will be less than satisfying for the users.

The other competitor to Asus is Lenovo’s IdeaCenter. The device offers everything in a better shape. It has a more advanced GPU and better performing GPU and a great overall performance chart. However, the pun in this is the screen size; it comes in 23 inches of display but in full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

The result of these comparisons is a series of situational recommendations. Want a large-screen Windows all-in-one for passive media consumption? Get the HP. Want a big screen as well as strong CPU performance and some basic gaming capability? Then the Asus makes sense. Don’t care so much about the screen size, but still want speed? I’ll point you to the Lenovo.


If you are looking for hardcore gaming solution, look elsewhere like at the shelve with Lenovo writer on it. That is because it asks less price and offer high performance but at the cost of a smaller screen size.

However, if you are in search of a relatively better entertainment hub that can play mid-level to occasional-high-level games at a bit low resolution than the Asus ET2700INKS is the ultimate option, though it is overly charged but that is not unearned. The PC makes a good source of entertainment for students and casual gamers.

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