Kia Sorento EX (2012): Full Review – Part 3

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The stereo reproduces the sound in good quality. Though it does not matches the premium standards, the Infinity sound system does a great job in providing the owners with good entertainment system.

Smartphones connect seamlessly with the new stereo and though the onboard voice command does not work, the on-screen operations are easier to operate especially contact lists.

The navigation system, that is optional in the EX, is easier to handle. It lacks to UVO voice command system but does have an easy-to-use knob-based character entry system. Just pushing a couple letters in the search bar generates related options to choose from, which saves the time of entering the whole address.

iPods and iPhones can be connected to the system via both aux and USB cables. Though the Apple products fully synchronize with the system, showing proper lists of contacts and songs/videos, other USB-based media can only show files and folders.

Moreover, as the maps are saved in the flash memory onboard, the refresh rate is fast. The only turndown other than voice command is the lack of 3D maps but in this price, the owners can live with that.

The stereo has an attractive user interface, very rarely seen in other vehicles. It seems like the company has hired a proper graphics designer to do the job unlike other automakers.


Though there are a lot of features and services missing in EX version, the price overshadows any deficiencies left in the vehicle. However, UVO voice command should have been included in the package. Sorento offers a comfortable drive and confident control in corners and on highways.

Sorento EX is overall an economical package that hands out luxury as well. The price makes it a preferable choice for those who want more car in less money despite a HiFi brand name.

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